Kira Kazantsev

Have you been seeing people with one – yes, just one – fingernail painted purple?

This is not a new fad or a mistake on their nail technician’s part. It is in fact a statement. Last April, a New York based organisation launched a celebrity-filled campaign aimed at showing support against and creating awareness about domestic violence. As part of the campaign, men and women have been encouraged to give a donation in support of victims of domestic abuse, and paint their left ring fingernail purple, since this is the colour associated with domestic violence prevention.

Needless to be said, photos on social media with people sporting this one purple nail have soared.

The campaign, entitled Putting the Nail in It, was created by Safe Horizons, which is the largest victims’ services agency in the United States, in an effort to raise funds and spread the word. The highlight of the campaign was a short advert or ‘spot’ featuring several celebrities, some of which are known to have experienced domestic violence themselves.

In addition to spreading the word by painting their fingernail purple, supporters of the cause have also been asked to spread awareness by making social media more conscious, and using the hashtag #PutTheNailinIt. The aim is not only to provide monetary and emotional support, but also to show domestic abuse victims that they need not be ashamed, because they are not alone – victims, can and should in fact, become survivors.

The spokeswoman and voice of the campaign is the beautiful Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015, who had previously already spoken out and appeared at various events against domestic violence. Kira Kazantsev, who is the third consecutive Miss New York to be also crowned Miss America, was herself a victim and survivor of domestic violence, and now uses her prominent status in the media as an inspiration to those who, like her, experienced such a jarring and traumatic past.

Domestic violence is an important and serious issue which must be addressed. Gone are the days when it was acceptable as long as it was kept quiet behind closed doors. Some things are simply inexcusable. At a time when so many international and global problems are cropping up every day, it seems superfluous to gnash one’s teeth and bristle over issues which are brushing against us only indirectly, while in fact a much more worrying truth is hiding silently right inside our homes. They say that charity begins at home. Well, I believe that in order for there to be real peace, prosperity and civility in our lives, justice should begin at home too. This is not something one should brush off lightly.

Other celebrities supporting this campaign and painting their left ring-finger purple include singer Harry Styles of One Direction and actress Kyra Sedgwick.

The aim of Putting the Nail in It is for people to contribute towards ending domestic violence by helping raise $31,000 by the 31st October. If you want to help too, please visit the Safe Horizons website.