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Zammit La Rosa Footwear Ltd have recently launched ECCO’s latest range, ECCO Inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2015, which boasts new life and a fresh image to the timeless brand that guarantees genuine leather and true workmanship.

Grounded in its Scandinavian design tradition, ECCO’s vision has always epitomised a simpler lifestyle inspired by nature and traditional craftsmanship. As it continues to look to the future, the latest collection sees a fusion of its Scandinavian heritage with tribal and urban elements for a balanced take on modern living.

For its contemporary clients around the globe, ECCO presents captivating footwear and leather goods. Colder days lead us to seek out warmth and natural insulating materials. The collection comprises of only the finest warming wool textiles and quality leathers made unique through detail and expertise.

Rich, rugged patent, animal print leather, thick soles and both rounded and pointed toes feature in the collection, with trainers that bridge comfort and personal style.

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ECCO’S signature comfort is paired with Scandinavian style through a process focused on two cornerstones of the brand’s philosophy – innovation and quality. The company’s unique Direct Injection Technology® is a testament to this approach, having brought comfort not only to casual shoe collections but also to the dress shoe category. To secure both unparalleled comfort and a premium look, ECCO also develops and produces the high quality leathers used in its shoe collections.


In the midst of retrospective references and futuristic ideas, we find ECCO SOFT 7. This series captures the essence of urban life with its black and white contrasts and preppy-clean yet sporty street look. A combination of SOFT 7 leather sneakers and tracksuit-inspired jackets endorses the cool, laid back urban vibe.

ECCO SOFT 7 takes on the ever growing trend of the sneaker with the perfect mix of function and style. It comes in multiple urban remixes of black and white, with thick white soles as the mainstay. As the name suggests, the shoes feature super-soft leathers and flexible soles, and pair strikingly well with just about all your casual looks.

Check out the latest styles at the official Maltese ECCO portal.

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Photo credits: Mark Cassar Photography