Do these two correlate? Well, they do for women, apparently…

The term ‘girls who eat their feelings’ is rarely associated with women who are in a comfortable relationship. In fact, it is normally used in a context where a woman is either upset about something or single and hating it.

Now, I’m being as stereotypical as the moments in pop culture that portray and use the very term. However, it turns out that women who are in a comfortable and loving relationship are actually prone to eating more, as well!


Well, the answer is quite an oh-yeah-that-makes-sense one.

Women, biologically, need to eat less than men. In fact, the recommended daily calorie intake for the average woman is between 1600 – 1800 calories, while, for the average man, it’s 1800 – 2000 calories. Yet, when a man and a woman live happily together, they tend to eat pretty much the same amount of food.

Just like women’s periods synchronise if they spend too much time together, so do their eating habits when they live with men.

So much so, that in a research commissioned by Diet Chef (UK) back in 2013, it was discovered that 52% of women in relationships eat as much as their partners, and over all, 60% of people who feel comfortable in a relationship gain weight!

And the weight is quite substantial. For around 62% of the people taking part in the research, that weight-gain was of around 1 stone (6.35Kg). That may not seem like much, but given that the average person would be much happier if they lost 3Kgs, doubling that amount can seem quite alarming.


The study also discovered that 40% of both males and females are happy to burp in front of their partner once they feel comfortable, and 26% would fart in front of their partner, as well. 26% of the ladies also went on to say that once they’ve been in a relationship for a while, they start to shave their legs less.

Now, I haven’t been single for long, but the most tell-tale sign that the above shouldn’t happen is the 26% of all interviewees who said that they wished they led a healthier lifestyle with their partner.

So, what can you do to not gain puppy fat from puppy love?

Make it a habit to go jogging, walking or cycling together. Don’t eat out as often and eat more greens.

Oh, and remember, this isn’t all about looks. Overeating, after all, can lead to many health problems, and you should never put yourself at risk just because you’re in love!

What do you think of these statistics? Have you gained weight since getting into a relationship?

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