As John Bundy once put it, ‘Konna u għadna ngħixu f’pajjiż tal-Mikey Maws’ (We always have and always will live in a Mickey Mouse country).

With Halloween just round the corner, it’s now time to celebrate the scariest moments in our political and popular cultures.

This holiday, why settle for sexy kitten or cackling witch? Why put on a white sheet to be a ghost, or a cape and fake fangs to mimic Dracula? No… This Halloween should be all about our terrifyingly silly politics, our pop culture scene and all the hilarious things we Maltese embrace on a day-to-day basis.

So, why not dress up as:

A Fan Girl: When Prime Minister Joseph Muscat went to New York for the Global Citizen Festival, he went fan-girl crazy for Hugh Jackman and Milan footballer Kaka. It’s nice to see people in power still getting star struck, like when Anne Hathaway saw Mariah Carey in person! Although, the real point of Global Citizen Festival was to raise awareness about poverty and polio, so let’s not forget about that.



Elliot & ET: The Best Video of the Year Award goes to Simon Busuttil on World Car Free Day. Using a minimum of three vehicles – one to film him, the bike he was on, and a car that was clearly following him – he made people realise three things: that World Car Free Day exists, that filming a video about World Car Free Day while doubling your carbon footprint defeats the purpose, and that Dr Busuttil looks super cute as Elliot and ET. And yes, I know this is not exactly my idea, but it’s too good not to share!


The Invisible Lady: Become invisible for the day and do things for people without them realising or knowing. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have turned into Sai Mizzi. Opinions will be divided about your costume mind you, but at least you get to pop out of nowhere and say, ‘Finally, you found me!’


A Torta: I recently discovered The Comedy Knights, and I’m in love with Becca and Cikka (played by Jo Caruana and Pia Zammit), the stereotypical Sliema girls who embody all that is wrong with my kind of people and who state all that is wrong with the ħamalli. It makes fun of everyone and I love that. Inspired by the video below, you could dress up as the mother of the bride, also referred to, or so I’ve been told, as a torta (pie). Basically, all you have to do is find an outfit with as many ruffles and sequins as is humanly possible, and cake on the make up. The chicken dance is optional.


A Lousy Footballer: With the PN’s Independence Day celebration incorporating goal posts positioned just outside the Renzo Piano-designed parliament building in Valletta…

Please give me two minutes while I dry my tears and curse the heavens…

Where was I? Ah yes. Independence Day celebrations. The age of the lousy footballer is now. I won’t tell you which footballer you should dress up as, but I’m pretty sure we all agree it should be David Agius.

So what about you? Do you have any other brilliant ideas for Halloween costumes?

You’ve heard Evelyn’s drill. Let us know in the comments section below!