For many, Facebook is where pictures of food and videos of cats are posted. Yet, in reality, Facebook is where you can put your best foot forward and help build your own self-image.

Shame most people get it wrong, though…

The Selfie-Stick Obsessed: ‘Oh hey, nice selfie! This one’s exactly the same… And so is this one… Another one? Seriously?!’ Posting one selfie during a day out or while on a trip is fine. Posting 15 while you’re in the same place and pulling the same expression is just… WTF? Too many selfies make you look vain and narcissistic. And, as my friend James had said, taking too many selfies is actually considered to be a mental disorder.

The ‘Open-Minded’ Racists: Let me put this as clearly as I possibly can: sharing videos, articles and images from dodgy sites and saying ‘I’m not racist but-’ is still racist. If you have a decent and valid argument against migration and people fleeing their war-torn countries, by all means, go ahead. But stop posting fake images of immigrants destroying Berlin and fighting with the police. It didn’t happen.

The Politically One-Sided: I am all for people discussing politics. In fact, not enough people do and that is exactly the problem. I have so many people on my newsfeed bitching about one party or another and completely missing the point. If one party does something good, it’s okay to praise them. If the same party screws up, you should reprimand them. You ain’t winning any points with any party by sucking up to them all the time, and you also show everyone else that you have no idea about how to be objective.

The Filterless: Most normal people filter what they say and do. As in, I don’t go around telling people that their outfit is ridiculous or that they’ve gained weight. I don’t slap the crazy driver who thinks he has right of way even though there is a big-ass stop sign underneath his car. This should also be the way you conduct business on Facebook. Think: Do I really need to say this? Do I know the facts? Do I want to let people know I’ve just eaten an ugly-ass salad? Or had a massive dump? The unfiltered answer is: No. No, you don’t.



The RUBS Obsessed: Consumer culture has finally hit the island, and it’s definitely wonderful to be able to complain and be heard. But for the love of God, will you stop posting silly things on RUBS? ‘Went to the supermarket; the cashier didn’t give me a foot rub. Never buying from there again.’ Jeez. Get a grip.

The Ommijiet Obsessed: If your child is ill, take them to the doctor’s. If you’ve had sex with the same man three times, got knocked up three times, and now want to know if you can claim benefits… I give up. Yes, Ommijiet may be anonymous, but if you want to keep it anonymous, DON’T COMMENT FROM YOUR OWN PROFILE ONCE PEOPLE START QUESTIONING YOUR PARENTING SKILLS.

I need a strong drink. Excuse me.

Is Evelyn right? Do the things above mar someone’s image on Facebook?

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