The hot season is coming to a close, barbecue invites have dwindled into nothing and we have once again fallen into the routine that seems to elude us in the scorching days when the sea beckons. Despite the fact that local cinemas are equipped with air conditioning, they are still not usually high on our list of places to go in the summer months.

As the temperature drops enough to tempt us away from evenings by the sea, I give you a list of films that should be hitting our big screens in the coming months.


We all know the story of how the three Darling children were spirited to Neverland from their London home and befriended Peter Pan in a fantastical tale full of magic and adventure.

A film to love or hate, this seems to be a prequel to the well-loved tale. Levi Miller plays a Peter Pan with questioning blue eyes who goes from being in a dreary orphanage to discovering he is a ‘chosen one’ in a magical setting that is full of computer generated imagery that makes the impossible very easily possible.

This adaptation sees Peter Pan and Hook joining forces, and touches on the topics of child labour and piracy. Incidentally, the pirate leader is in fact Blackbeard and not Hook in this interpretation, which very much keeps away from the whimsical setting we usually associate with children’s fairytales.

With an October release date the world over, this film should arrive in Malta on the 21st of the month.

Steve Jobs

Following the very hippie fiasco that was the film Jobs (2013) starring Ashton Kutcher, here comes a more serious version of the Apple Inc. co-founder’s life. With Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, X-Men) as the title character, the film has been given the thumbs up by most reviews, following its premiere at the Telluride Film Festival.

Oscar winner Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire) gives us the best interpretation of the genius’ life to date. The screenplay by Aaron Sorkin is based on the authorised biography by Walter Isaacson.

There is still no release date for viewing in Maltese theatres.

Fathers and Daughters

In a character-induced plot set to hit cinemas around the world this autumn, Russell Crowe stars as an award-winning author struggling to raise his five-year-old daughter Katie in the aftermath of an accident that leaves him a widower. The film flits between the father-daughter story and present-day Manhattan, where the now adult Katie (played by Amanda Seyfried) is still grappling with the past and finds herself unable to love. When she meets the person who could turn out to be her soulmate, he must somehow understand her if she is ever going to accept to “be the girlfriend”. The trailer promises us drama and love as well as tears.

There are many more ‘coming soon’ titles worth a mention so keep tuned for the second part of this list.

Kindly note that release dates are tentative and subject to change.


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