Much of the activity for Aries is happening around the daily work schedule. Whilst Venus, the planet of love, is still in play mode, which makes Aries people want to be waltzed and romanced, the fact is that whether they like it or not, they have to get their sleeves rolled up and focus on what it is that enables them to bring home the bacon. And while we’re on the subject of food, perhaps it is time that they have a good look at their health routine. Have they lived it up a little too much? After the 10th, Venus will relent and join forces with Mars and Jupiter to make the workplace and daily routine a totally pleasurable experience.  All communications will resume their normality at that time as Mercury resumes its forward motion and all systems are go.

New patterns in relationships get laid down at the New Moon on the 13th, and hopefully this will be a good time to begin new liaisons or redefine existing ones. Romance is highly favourable between the 24th and the 28th as Venus, Mars and Jupiter move together in the sky. Remember what is important to you, Aries. It is a good thing to be giving, but it is also important for you to feel that you are being appreciated and feel appreciated.


This is indeed a fun time for Taurus, although communications in the world of work seem to be a little awry for the first ten days of the month as Mercury comes out of its retrograde motion and moves forward. Do not worry if things feel upside down at the beginning of the month. All will come together. In the meantime, you seem to be at your creative best as Venus, the planet of love, moves into Virgo on the 9th and joins Mars and Jupiter in the area of the chart to do with how you express yourself creatively. This augurs a time of fun, romance, and play in a big way. You will be attracted to aesthetic forms of recreation, and should have zillions of appeal which make you the centre of attention. While all this is going on, the New Moon on the 13th lays down new patterns in how your schedule your daily routine, so perhaps some change is on the books for you, which may occur rather quickly and spontaneously. Whatever the case, the Full Moon on the 27th highlights issues to do with just this: whatever has been bothering you about your daily routine just be scrutinised, tackled, and changed to suit you and respect your dignity.


Good communication skills could be at an all time high at the moment as Venus, the planet of love, makes you a good listener and an even better speaker. Situations which required diplomatic flair were handled beautifully by you, and were well appreciated. Your ruling planet, Mercury, however, was doing its backwards dance and causing you to rethink some ways in which you could be creative and express yourself to your satisfaction. Right up until the 9th, you could find yourself getting confused, and opinions which were previously believed to be your guiding lights are now questioned. Fear not – after the 10th everything will become clearer as the fog lifts. New goals will present themselves and distractions will not hog the way forward. Right on cue, the energy of the New Moon on the 13th assists you in laying down new patterns concerning how you express yourself. All is good, especially as Venus, Mars and Jupiter are now travelling together in the sky, and your hearth and home become your focus. It is from here that you relate to others, and draw inspiration and expand your world view. If you are considering starting a business from home, this is an ideal time. By the end of the month, the energy of the Full Moon suggests that you need some ‘me’ time. You’ve been busy, Gemini. Time to relax!


Communication seems to be a key issue this month as much of the planetary activity seems to focus on the comings and goings of your daily life. Up until the 9th, Venus will be busy enabling you to focus on what is important to you in terms of material security, after which she changes sign and you are able to focus in a meticulous way on paperwork and short trips which engage you in the local community. Any inspiration you might have concerning widening your work horizons will be supported by the planets, so if you are considering furthering your studies, then this is a good time to do this.

The New Moon on the 13th assists you in laying down new patterns to do with how you view and interact with the sanctuary that is your home. Pay attention to any feelings about how you feel there; perhaps you wish to redesign it in a way which is more supportive to you, especially as you feel that you could be making some changes in your life. By the 21st, Venus, Mars and Jupiter move together in the sky, and encourage you to bring together friends (both from social and professional circles) in a fun and creative way. This culminates on the 27th, when the Full Moon energy highlights issues to do with widening your social circle, and the important role you play within that area.


The focus for Leos this month is security, and how they achieve it. It is a well known fact that our Leos do need a bit of flattery and attention. Without it they wilt, and go off in a huff. Well, this is an important month for them as they try to establish what is important to them and engage in projects which will bring in more financial security and defend their values. Remember that Jupiter is also moving in the same portion of sky as Mars, and also Venus after the 9th, so they have the backing of the planets to accomplish this. Mercury has been doing its backwards dance and this suggests that there has been a backlog of paperwork which needs working on, so if applications or movement has been met with difficulties, these should all be sorted by the second week of the month.

The New Moon on the 13th lays down new patterns to do with all the above, and Leos should feel they are more at ease in dealing with their daily movements or communication. They should try not to get too involved with petty arguments as things will finally get a move on and they will feel more comfortable in their own skin. Yes, those around them will finally accept that they are moving in a different direction. By the time of the Full Moon on the 27th, issues to do with how they express themselves in their professional lives will take an unexpected turn for the better, thanks to a Mercury Uranus configuration. Something new is up ahead for them. Good luck!


For a few days up until the 9th of October, Virgos may feel the need to express their feelings in private as they contend with an issue that is close to their hearts, after which they may feel it is best to walk away from that situation. This may make them feel much more in control of their own lives and more in tune with how they wish to express themselves. What with Mercury doing its backwards dance, Virgos may not feel entirely sure what it is that gives them financial and emotional security, but this should change after the 10th. Then, just before the New Moon on the 13th, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be seen travelling together in the sky , and new important patterns will emergy which Virgos will be eager to make their own. This specifically relates to the changes that need to be made in how they relate to others, how they deal with their self-esteem and how they handle  personal finances.

By the end of the month, an unexpected turn of events (which could also be experienced as a flash of inspiration) should provide Virgos with the opportunity to effect change in how they handle their finances. Not only that, but after much introspection, they could decide that they need to look for inspiration.


After much socialising this past month, Librans are being encouraged to take sanctuary and find some ‘me’ time. It seems that you have been burning the candle at both ends, so do take the time to rest and avoid any health issues.  This is indeed a good time to reflect on your goals, especially after the 10th, when Mercury resumes its normal forwards motion and the New Moon encourages you to put some long thought out plans into action. After the 9th, Venus joins Mars and Jupiter and here is where you will definitely feel the need to recharge your batteries as you plan for the future.  This is a very powerful time for Librans as it encourages you to reinvent yourself in some ways, something you have been planning for a while, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks or so.

By the 21st, you should feel that you are feeling much more in tune with your inner child and plans begin to come together concerning relationships and the power sharing within that, what is important to you and how you project yourself to the world, and your creativity. All this requires change, and to this end the Full Moon in Taurus on the 27th will highlight issues to do with how to attain this without deserting the needs of others. Financial issues are also indicated.


Scorpios are in for a busy time socially as their ruling planet, Mars, finds itself in the social engagements part of the chart. They are very motivated to move in social circles and are full of ideas as how to engage with others, if only they remember that sometimes they have to follow the plans of others, and that teamwork is important here. Of course, we all know that Scorpios are highly sensitive people who are deeply intuitive, and they quickly sense when others are working against them. Try not to fall into the drama trap, Scorpio. This is actually quite a beneficial time for you. Venus, the planet of love, has made you the darling in your professional field, and others cannot but warm to your charm and grace. After the 9th, when Mercury resumes its forward movement, what is actually bothering you will come to light and you will be able to deal with issues more effectively. Have a good look at the underlying issues and let your charm get you through the day when interacting with others.

The New Moon on the 13th lays down new patterns to do with how your recharge your batteries: in fact you are being encouraged to do just this. Some ‘me’ time is on the cards, so make the best of it. An unexpected turn of events could change the course of your life after the 24th, leading to a deepening understanding between you and your significant other. This is a highly auspicious time, so make sure you see the magic afoot!


Sagittarians will be pleased to know that the presence of Saturn in their sign should engage them in searching for their truth, and typically, the only way they feel comfortable doing this is by expanding their world view even further. Interacting with others may have been a little difficult recently as Mercury was doing its backwards dance. Misunderstandings between friends might have arisen recently, and this may have caused some friction. Nonetheless, your ability to stand back and look at the big picture is what Sagittarius is known for. In fact, Venus, will endow you with her ability to tap into the different and exotic, so if you have a penchant for reading about philosophy or want to learn a new language, then go ahead. Whatever the case, after the 9th, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be travelling together in the sky, and this will affect your professional status in a big way, empowering you with all that you need to make a big impact here.

The New Moon on the 13th helps you to lay down new patterns to do with how you socialise with others, as old patterns will have to fall away. A chance event towards the end of the month could provide you with some impetus to take up a creative pastime which could affect how you view your daily schedule.


Capricorns have been dealing with changes in their persona for some time now, what with Pluto in their sign. How many of you have had to change the way you deal with the world in order to follow what you believe is your true nature? Change has been on the agenda for a while now, and you have been successful at this. Both Mars and Jupiter have been busy empowering you to widen your horizons, and possibly take up an area of study. In the meantime, Venus, the planet of love, has been challenging you to make some changes for the better, especially when it comes to issues of intimacy and power. This could make for a deeper emotional commitment to your partner. Enjoy!

The New Moon on the 13th should assist you in laying down new patterns to do with your professional status, and as Mercury resumes its forwards walk after the 10th, this augurs well for your status among your colleagues. Venus, Mars and Jupiter move together in the sky towards the end of the month, making it something of a wish fulfilling time. Work, play and dreams you have kept secret all come together and are highlighted at the Full Moon on the 17th, auguring a good time for creativity.


Now that Saturn is firmly in Sagittarius, you are being asked to stand up for what you believe in when it comes to social interaction. Be who you are without trying to fit in. After a good two years of having to master your professional status it is now time to let go worrying about how well you do the job – you should have gained mastery in this field. Mercury has been playing tricks on you over the past few weeks as it engaged in its backwards motion, perhaps you felt that you were not up to the task. This is absolutely not the case, and after the 9th, things should become clearer and you horizons open up and offer new possibilities to do with how you express yourself creatively.

The New Moon on the 13th assists you in laying down new patterns to do with new projects or ideas which will expand your world view. In this respect you may feel a little restless and have itchy feet, hoping to do something a little more exciting that what you are doing at the moment. It just so happens that Venus, Mars and Jupiter are moving together in the sky, assisting you in making changes which suit you. By the end of the month, the Full Moon highlights issues to do with settling issues to do with your home life, or the place you call home.


Relationships and finances seem to be the focus for Pisceans this month. Venus, the planet of love, starts out the month by donning you her charm in the workplace. Relationships with those you work with should run smoothly for the first week up to the 9th. Up until then, pleasure is synonymous with work, and quite honestly what with Mercury doing its backwards dance until that time also, it might be that you are a little unsure of where your future lies. Have no fear – after the 10th Mercury turns direct and any resources that you may require should be available to you. Courage!

The New Moon on the 13th assists you in laying down new patterns and inviting change into your life – possibly to do with how you handle your finances and how that impinges upon your future. At this time, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are travelling together in the sky and this augurs well for your relationships with that significant other. Should you be single, then this is a good time to meet someone special. Keep in mind that towards the end of the month a Mercury Uranus alignment might offer the possibility of a sudden and spontaneous turn of events which is connected to money (in a positive way). Whatever the case, get the paperwork done, as the energy of the Full Moon highlights issues to do with getting your paperwork in order.