Date of Birth: 15th April, 1992

Location: Fgura

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: Post Market Surveillance

Media-related occupation: Actress

Naomi Said has been playing small acting parts ever since she was 5 years old, but started acting more professionally about two years ago. She has since been to a number of master classes and is currently a student at TMYT. In the past two years, Naomi has been involved in theatrical performances, television series and film. She is currently working on two upcoming theatre productions, A Handbag and My First Time, and a new television series called Strada Stretta, where she is interpreting the role of Victoria.

How did you first discover drama?

I’ve been involved in small acting roles ever since I can remember, but I decided to start taking acting seriously after I met the physical performer Anna Helena McLean during a master class in Malta. Her enthusiasm and talent reminded me of what I love doing and inspired me to take it further.

Can you describe your state of mind while acting?

That very much depends on the role I’m interpreting and the situation being presented. I always try to have a good background story about the character I’m interpreting. In that way it’s much easier to get into the required state of mind and figure out how your particular character would react.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Easy. I acknowledge that money is important in our society and obviously a lot of the things we do to enjoy ourselves require money, but I think it’s really important to appreciate the little things in life which are ultimately the things which make you truly happy and those things are usually free.

What would you never, ever buy – and why not?

Well never is a big word, and not one I would usually commit to, but I think it is highly unlikely I’ll ever buy real fur. I have watched documentaries about the making of real fur products and it’s absolutely horrifying.

What’s your opinion on tattoos?

I don’t have any tattoos, but I do like them. If I wasn’t into acting, I would probably get a few done, but I think tattoos might limit my casting range, so I don’t think I’ll be getting one any time soon.

What makes you angry?

Anyone interfering in other people’s lives. Live and let live. Unless others are being hurt in the process, everyone has a right to live their own life as they please.