Summer’s over and autumn is drawing in. Just around the corner are bronzing leaves, pumpkin lanterns, longer nights and, best of all, the annual Battle of Malta Poker Tournament.

As Europe’s biggest stand-alone poker tournament, this six-day event brings thousands of visitors to the splendour of the Portomaso Casino each year. The atmosphere is exuberant with people from all walks of life playing poker, drinking champagne and flaunting their casino fashion. But how exactly does one dress for the casino? Whilst men might find it sufficient to throw on their best suit and bow tie, women often have a few more factors to consider…

Here are three different ways you can dress for a romance-filled night at the casino.


Casino Look #1: The Audrey Hepburn

This style is perfect for the retro girl who prefers subtlety over bright colours and flamboyance.

Is there a single fashion item as timeless as the little black dress? The beauty of this number is that you can dress it up as much or as little as you please. Diamonds or pearls, heels high or low, hair up or down – there’s not much a black dress doesn’t go with. If elegance is your style, then a black dress is your best bet for the casino. Couple the outfit with a silver clutch bag and a touch of sparkle in the form of some petite earrings or a delicate necklace. When doing your make up, give your eyes a smokey effect and apply a lustre shade of lipstick. Mascara and eye liner will compliment your outfit by adding yet another striking quality. If you’re feeling really bold, take this elegant look a step further with a pair of black satin gloves or a fishnet fascinator.


Casino Look #2: The Showgirl

The young spirit or girly-girl should opt for this look.

Encapsulate the spirit of Vegas in a shimmering, shiny spectacle of a casino outfit. Sequins are the key here. There’s nothing that says showbiz more than a brightly coloured sequin jacket or top hat. Have a little fun with glitter, big bangles and hairspray. Neon lipstick and nail varnish is sure to draw some mesmerised looks your way, as will a pair of large statement earrings or hair streaks. For eyeshadow, go for bright colours with dark outlines. Heels should be as high as possible – make them platform boots if you’re feeling a bit of 70s nostalgia!


Casino Look #3: The Andro Queen

This is to go-to look for the stylish gender bender.

Poker is a game historically associated with the gentleman’s cigar lounge. Several decades later and female poker legends like Maria Ho and Vanessa Selbst are taking over the game. That’s not to say you can’t play tribute to the masculine origins of poker with your own twist on men’s casino attire. This outfit is sleek, bold, formal yet captivating. Jewellery should be gold and kept to a minimum. Instead, focus on your hair and make up to add that feminine touch. A dark red or plum lipstick will complement the whites and black of your outfit. If you’d rather mix browns and beige, go for a softer shade of lip gloss. Loose fitting trousers and a shirt are fabulously chic, while a simple blazer will finalise the vogue look. If you’re looking to add a bit more colour, wrap a long, slim blue or pink scarf around you. You can match the scarf with a pair of heels and a handbag of the same shade, resulting in a satisfyingly coordinated colour combination.

At end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dressed in a ball gown or a pair of baggy sweatpants – poker tournaments are about having fun. That being said, no one’s going to judge you for visiting the casino dressed up in your finest gear. If you have a passion for fashion, go all in! This year, the Battle of Malta is featuring a list of ‘Best Dressed Players’ – will you be on it?