Don’t you just love your wardrobe? Not the actual piece of furniture. Its contents. The collection of beautiful dresses and tops and palazzo pants and kimonos you’ve accumulated over the last few years. Every item of clothing you own is gorgeous. They make you feel godly. They leave a lasting impression. They’re unique in their style and cut. They take you places.

Yet, you never seem to have the basics. You know, the casual items that are appropriate for popping down to the shops, or keeping it chilled for a coffee with a friend. Most of the time, you end up feeling overdressed.

I urge you not to feel bad for looking like a million euros. Who cares? You look great. Work it, woman. However, if you are thinking about investing in some wardrobe essentials, do check out our list below for some starting points. Some may seem like unexciting purchases at first, but you’ll be glad to have them at hand when a low-key occasion arises.

Jeans – You’ve got Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis to thank for these. Flares, skinny, high waisted, regulars, boot cut… Go for what makes you feel good. Just own a pair! Jeans are one of the most flexible items of clothing you can have. Not only can they be worn for everyday errands, but they can also be the foundation to a great outfit when combined with the right top. Make sure you buy a pair that is made of good quality material, as cheap jeans lose their flattering shape after two washes. Tip: High waisted jeans are also particularly helpful for maintaining good posture. Think of them as casual corsets.



Trainers – Trainers are ridiculously comfortable and are very beneficial for the balls of your feet. They look really cool with jeans, too! There’s a great range of styles, and they are exceptionally flattering if worn with low cut socks. Tip: I highly recommend a good pair of jazz trainers, as their arch helps posture and foot positioning when walking.  

Flip flops – Too hot for trainers? Drag your feet along the ground with an easy-going pair of flip flops. Nothing feels more chilled than hearing the sound of flip flops under your feet. Putting on a pair of flip flops commemorates the start of holiday mode. You instantly feel more relaxed when sporting a pair. If you get squeamish by the toe separator, opt for a pair whose straps go across the width of your feet. These too look great with just about anything, including jeans. Beware though – it is highly dangerous to drive in flip flops!

A white shirt or blouse – It is imperative to have a plain, basic, but well fitted white shirt in your wardrobe. They’re the prerequisite for interviews or the odd waitressing or hosting shift. You never know when it might come in handy. A black shirt is equally as flexible.



Basic nude bra – With a great shirt comes a great bra, and a nude bra is possibly more important to have than a black bra. Nude bras are flexible, as they can be worn under light or dark garments, unlike white bras, which are not ideal under dark clothing. Opt for a shape that correlates best with the neck line you tend to go for the most.

A denim jacket – There is something so demure yet so elegant about a well structured denim jacket. It can be thrown on almost anything – from a maxi dress to a simple t-shirt and jeggings. If you want to keep it basic, just throw it on and enjoy its practicality, complete with comfortable side pockets. If you’d like to take it up a notch, pop the collar and team it with a pair of moderately sized hoop earrings.

Knee-high boots – Suede, leather, tan, black… Whatever goes with your personal style! However, the key in keeping this item casual is the heel. A simple block heel or wedge no higher than 5 inches will prove to be comfortable and understated, and we recommend you wear these over your jeans. However, if you opt for a stiletto heel, you’ll be instantly slashed out of the casual zone. Tip: For rainy days and flooded roads, we recommend you also invest in a pair of Wellington boots. They’re very chic but highly functional.



Parka jacket – You have an entire warehouse of faux fur coats and woollen jackets… but none of them will survive the torrential rain outside. Stormy weather calls for a non-porous and hooded parka that provides plenty of insulation and shelter. Opt for something that is belted at the waist so that it can still be regarded as a flattering item of clothing that doesn’t drown your figure.

Little Black Dress – It’s true, this cannot really be classified as a casual garment, but it is flexible. If you wear it on its own, its sex appeal will be projected, thus rendering it a going-out garment. However, when worn with a denim jacket and opaque tights, you’re toning down the va va voom and making the most of its neutrality.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Let us know in the comment section below.