Ultrarunner and entrepreneur Nathan Farrugia will be attempting a non-stop run over a distance of 246Km in 36 hours. He will once again embark on an ultra-physical challenge to fundraise for three charities which help children in need.

Known for his outrageous challenges, Nathan will be following in the steps of Pheidippides – the first man to run an ultra marathon back in 490BC.

Pheidippides had run 246km from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a military victory against the Persians. Legend has it that as soon as Pheidippides arrived to his destination and delivered the good news, he promptly dropped dead.

“Every year, we wait with bated breath to see what Nathan Farrugia will come up with,” said the charities’ representatives. “And every year, he surprises us with wild dares that seem to defy nature. It is this attitude and Nathan’s tenacity that over the years has raised hundreds of thousands of euros for good causes. We look forward to seeing Nathan complete this year’s challenge and come back home safe and sound. We are certain that he will start off like Pheidippides, but that he will finish like himself – exhausted, satisfied and with enough funds to make a difference in many lives.”



The money raised will go to the Inspire Foundation, Ra1se and Cystic Fibrosis Malta. All three make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of children who live with disabilities, rare diseases, and poverty-stricken conditions. Nathan’s goal is to enable the charities to help more people through this ultra challenge.

“To really find meaning in what we do, we need to find a deeper purpose beyond enjoyment,” explained Nathan Farrugia. “I mix my love for pushing the extreme with the opportunity to raise funds and awareness to help others. I encourage everyone to use their passions to make a difference to people around them, whenever possible. I’m not sure I can finish this time, but I’m certainly going to try!”

Donations for this worthy cause can be made on the Inspire Foundation website or via SMS. Text the message ‘one for all’ to 50618926 to donate €6.99 or 50619215 to donate €11.65.