Date of Birth: 11th November, 1977

Location: Zabbar

Status: Divorced

Star Sign: Scorpio

Main occupation: Logistics Manager – Imports Department

Media-related occupation: Sports journalist

Janice Briffa’s first appearance on local television was at the age of 16. She was already the director of Extras Productions, working hand in hand with Daniel Wright. They were approached to be residential show girls/dancers during Sibtijiet Flimkien on Super 1, now ONE TV.

“We had a good number of entertainment programmes on different television stations whilst I had to travel abroad for show business. In 1998, my friend and colleague Albert Marshall called me, as the TV station needed fresh looks to offer to its audience. I was intrigued by this enticing challenge of sports journalism. At that time, the viewers were not used to seeing a female presenter discussing football, F1 or MotoGP on television. It was tough at that time, but nowadays I’m really proud of what I had to go through to reach my goals. Things have changed for the better, however there is still more room for improvement,” states Janice in this interview.

What role does technology play in your life?

On a personal level, I hate technology. There’s no verbal communication any more. Unfortunately, due to this fast life we lead and due to the nature of my profession, I have to use it.

What percentage of your life do you spend shopping?

5% … I don’t like shopping.

Is fashion an important part of your life, and why?

Creativity and passion are very important. Fashion is just a trend whereby one gets carried away on petty things, and I do not like it.

What is your most treasured possession, and why?

Myself. I love myself so that I’ll be able to care and love others the same way. I do my best!

If you could pass on any advice, inspiration, or encouragement to our female readers, what would it be?

Who am I to give advice to others? But if you insist, I believe that whatever you throw at others, the same will be thrown at you. So think before you decide on how to act!!