If, like myself, you wear glasses, you sometimes feel like putting on make up is all for nothing because it just doesn’t show behind glasses. Here are a few tips to make sure your eyes pop as much as possible, even though they’re behind glasses.

I would first suggest keeping your eye make up as natural and light as possible. Dark make up will only darken your eyes, and will add to the shadows of the frame. A good trick is to add some shimmer on the lower lid to make sure your eyes pop out as much as possible.

Smudged liner on the top lids will do wonders, making your eyes look bigger through the lens, especially since some lenses make your eyes seem smaller than they actually are. This will definitely draw people into your eyes.

If you have thick frames, then I suggest you thicken your eye liner so that your frames don’t empower your eyes. However, if you have thin frames, don’t overpower your eyes too much with liner; keep it clean cut with a simple thin liner. Mascara does wonders for your lashes, so make sure you put on lots of coats to open up your eyes as much as possible.

The rest of the face is as important as the eyes when wearing glasses. Make sure you have a good brow shape that will complement the shape of your glasses. Ensure that they are well defined, as your expressions will be clearer through your glasses.

Once you leave your eyes on a natural hue, you can add plenty of colour to the lips and brighten up your face with some blush. This will add colour and also define your cheeks below the glasses.