Date of Birth: 6th November, 1992

Location: Victoria, Gozo

Star Sign: Scorpio

Main occupation: Designer

Media-related occupation: Designer

Luke Azzopardi is a production and fashion designer. In 2011, he co-founded the online art & design magazine,, and was one of the artists to be featured in Vista: A Contemporary Art Tour, with his video installation, A Temporary Home. Luke joined Naupaca Dance Factory as production and costume designer in 2011, exhibiting his work for the organisation’s contemporary dance productions, including Immaculate (2013) and Divina (2014). Luke is currently working on his own self-titled artisan couture label, releasing two collections every year.

How did you first discover you had a talent for fashion design?

I first started designing costumes for theatre, and that slowly moved onto bespoke gowns for friends. I guess that all my collections today are very theatrical and presented in performative manner, and that stems from my initial love of the theatre.

How did you fall in love with fashion?

I don’t really know. I guess I was always interested in why people dress the way they do, and the role of clothing as a method of communication.

How do you relax when it all gets too much?

I go on binge-eating streaks.

Aside from fashion, what other things do you cherish in life?

I’m very keen on art history, especially when it comes to the decorative and applied arts. I’m also interested in gallery and museum curation.

Are you currently working on anything else?

I’m working on the design of a contemporary dance production titled After, as well as a couple of other projects which currently have to remain undisclosed.

What’s the fashion item you couldn’t live without?

I’m not really sure. I think this would have to be my glasses, as I’m not fond of contact lenses.