Yes, let’s talk about this darn traffic and all the time we waste staring into a windscreen and contemplating the meaning of life.

If I have to spend another second waiting behind a queue of cars because another road’s been closed for fireworks or some idiot has not indicated his next move and caused an accident, I’m going to scream so loudly my vocal chords are going to explode and clear a path in front of my car.

Traffic in Malta has become unmanageable, and no matter how early I leave home or which route I take, I am always late for everything, and this is not down to one single problem. It’s down to several.

The dimwits: It really isn’t that hard to use an indicator or check if there are any oncoming cars before you go all Fast and Furious and crash into some unsuspecting driver making his way home. There are signs everywhere. All you have to do is look for them and drive carefully. If you can’t do that, just get off the bloody roads.

The roads: I mean, do we really need to close ALL the roads that lead to everywhere at the same time? If we’re renovating one or two major roads at the same time, then the smaller ones can’t be closed due to fireworks. I don’t care if it’s our heritage or our tradition. It’s 2015 and I need to feed my child by going to work. Can you not make my journey impossible?



The buses: For the love of God, how do you expect people to take the bus when the system is so flawed? The bus is meant to come at 1.15pm, it turns up at 1.52pm without rhyme or reason. Tickets for non-card holders are now €2 for two hours but the service is still no better than it was. Need I go on?

The cars: The amount of cars in Malta is ridiculous, particularly given the fact that our roads are narrow, half of them are closed, and this island is a speck. I know this is crazy, but there needs to be some sort of control. How are we to manage when the number of cars in Malta reaches 600,000? And with more people now owning one, two, or even five cars, that may happen sooner than we think.

As usual, we’ll wait until the whole island comes to a standstill and everything is so bad that businesses start losing money and people start going nuts before we do anything about it. All this traffic, brought about by incompetent people who still haven’t realised that something should have been done ages ago, will cost me my sanity; and mad Evelyn is not a pretty sight, I’ll have you know.

How about you? Are you fed up of all this traffic? Vent your frustrations below.

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