Filmmakers are often asked the broad question: Why make a short film?

This is because they don’t necessarily translate to fame and fortune. However, when it comes to short films, the game is currently changing. Over the past six years, the number of short film narratives has exploded and opened up new pathways for rising filmmakers.

In collaboration with the Concorto Film Festival in Piacenza, Italy, the CFF team has prepared a selection of some of their best shorts that will be screened at Villa Bologna on the 27th September at 8pm.


Short Films Under The Stars celebrates how short film cinema is now at the centre of innovative storytelling, with new directors making their first mark in the filmmaker’s playground with new ideas and new filming techniques. Thousands of shorts are created across the world every year, and it is the perfect time in film history to produce a short film, as it is becoming a frequently watched medium.

Short Films Under The Stars champions independent productions from across the world. Some amazing short films continue to be made, but these often don’t get to cinemas or to TV. We believe that this festival is the ideal place for such productions, and is an important alternative distribution and exhibition platform. This is the film event where the audience is given the opportunity to vote for the best film. Filmmakers are also encouraged to submit their own short films for the 2016 edition of Short Films under the Stars.

This event is being done in collaboration with Villa Bologna, Concorto Film Festival and Euro Media Forum.

There will be an entrance fee of €10, which includes wine, canapés and free popcorn.

For bookings, please email