With filming wrapped up, the trailer out, and the new and final season starting on ITV on the 20th of this month, it’s time I turned my attention to the romantic drama that hit Britain by storm in 2010, and has won the Most Popular Drama award at this year’s National Television Awards (UK), among the many awards gained throughout its past five seasons.

Downton Abbey might be very British, but it has also warmed the hearts of many in our country. I am certainly not the only one eagerly waiting for the first episode to air whilst feeling also quite heartbroken, not only because this year’s Christmas special will be the last, but also because as the trailer shows, it is ‘time to say goodbye’, as the angelic and hauntingly beautiful voice of Lauren Aquilina sings throughout the trailer.

Over the years, we’ve laughed with them, cried with them, wished only the best for the Crawley family and the people who make up their world. The trailer saddens us, but it also gives us hope – for tomorrow does come, with all its challenges and trials and joys. Whilst the door to Downton Abbey seems to be closing forever and a car is seen in the trailer pulling away from the castle for one last time (or at least that’s what it seems), we cross our fingers for a script that will give everyone a happy ending, at least, till the rumoured film comes out. The Independent of London also suggests the series might be turned into a musical.

But back to the series. Some things will very obviously be happening. With Carson and Mrs Hughes getting engaged on Christmas Eve in the season 5 finale, we are now expecting a wedding. Bates and Anna deserve happiness if the scriptwriters are going to be at all fair, and we all know deep down they must both be innocent of the crime they’re being convicted of, so I hope to see them coming away scot-free.



Another valid assumption is that Tom Branson, together with daughter Sybbie, must return to Downton. However, I’d go further than most and say I’d love to see him paired up with Mary. It seems to me that it has been made too obvious that Mary is going to miss him greatly (was that a hint?) and I do believe the two of them are different enough so as to complement each other – remember how well they worked together back when Mary started managing the family business with his help? It would also make Downton complete again, which it doesn’t seem to have been since both Sybil’s and Matthew’s deaths.

I am sure Edith will eventually find contentment, though I am not sure if she would find it in romance after Michael Gregson. Also, I very much doubt she could keep her real relationship with Marigold a secret from her sister forever, which brings me once again to Mary . The season 5 finale promised us a new tasty possible romance between her and Henry Talbot. However, as I’ve said previously, my wish is to see her paired up with Tom and honestly, after Matthew’s accident, would she really date and marry a car enthusiast?!

Meanwhile Daisy, Rose and Atticus, as well as Thomas and Molesley, must also have surprises in store for them, right? The finale of the fifth season also brought back the footman Andy, adding another character to the ever-changing cast.

There seems little to be said about Robert and Cora, master and mistress of the majestic Downton Abbey, with all its secrets and intrigue and tragedy. They’ve both had their little dalliances, as it seems did the Dowager Countess Violet, who seems to have been quite a handful when she was younger (ask Prince Kuragin’s wife!) However, there have been no hints to their fates other than the Earl of Grantham seeming to have finally caught up with the times, as per the teasing video clip that is right now our only glimpse into the sixth season.