A string of cultural events was kicked off at Cultural Events Brand’s Electrifying Elmo, where buskers and street performers had the opportunity to promote their work at the wonderful space of St Elmo on the 5th September.

A number of Maltese and foreign street artists were part of the launch, including fire dancers, acoustic sessions, and a performance by wolrd-class street escapologist and member of the London Magic Circle, Tony Roberts.

Musical entertainment was headlined by Airport Impressions. They were followed by Indie band No Snow No Alps, accordionist Brian Tonna, harpist Michelle Paris and guitar duo Este Mundo, who kept the music vibes going throughout the night. These are just a handful of the artists who formed part of this excellent event.

“I would like to thank all those who attended and supported us for our first event,” said Kevin Naudi, CEB Malta organiser. “Our aim is to organise regular events, promoting the busking scene and performing arts, as well as showcasing Malta’s unique spots which remain unused. We are sincerely grateful to our team: Karl Borg, James Caterers, Vegware, and Eva Garden for make up, along with all our other sponsors and our fantastic team of artists and performers, who made this event possible,” added Mr. Naudi.


Image: Guest Matthew Cordina, with Roberto Naudi and Matthew Cassar – CEB organisers


CEB ELMO 2015 001

Image: Caricature artist Svetlana Agius


CEB ELMO 2015 009

Image: Promoter using Eva Garden make-up


CEB ELMO 2015 015

Image: Harpist Michelle Paris


CEB ELMO 2015 020

Image: Accordianist Brian Tonna


CEB ELMO 2015 021

Image: Pianist Szilard Tóth


CEB ELMO 2015 033

Image: Fire Dancer


CEB ELMO 2015 034

Image: Djalogu: Andrew & Egle


CEB ELMO 2015 037

Image: Kris Haze


CEB ELMO 2015 040

Image: Este Mundo


CEB ELMO 2015 041

CEB ELMO 2015 065

Images above: The crowd


CEB ELMO 2015 048

CEB ELMO 2015 051

Images above: Tony Roberts Escapologist


CEB ELMO 2015 061

CEB ELMO 2015 075

Images above: Airport Impressions