Flawless make up can only be truly achieved if a good skin care regime is followed. Golden Rose is proud to introduce its new range of skin care products which work in harmony with its renowned cosmetics. The new line will prepare your face for the application of full coverage make up, and it will ensure clean and glowing skin.


Golden Rose Micellar Cleansing Water (200ml)

This cleanser removes all make up and daily grime. It has been developed to cleanse and purify skin. Thanks to the magnetic action of micellar technology, it removes waterproof make up without the user having to rub or rinse. It is an all-in-one cleanser that is suitable for all skin types, and leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed and softly hydrated with japonica camellia (tsubaki) oil and hydraconcept sugar-derivative and biosaccharide agents.



Golden Rose Facial Cleansing Milk (200ml)

This is an essential, daily cleansing and purifying skin care product for normal and normal-to-dry skin. It gently removes make up, dirt and pollution while soothing and moisturising the skin with jopanica camellia (tsubaki) oil, hydraconcept sugar-derivative agents, Vitamin E and panthenol. Its light and fresh texture leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and purified.



Golden Rose Two Phase Eye Make Up Remover (150ml)

The Two Phase Make Up Remover has been designed to effectively and gently remove all waterproof and long lasting eye make up, without leaving any oily residue. Eyelids and eyelashes are also left feeling soft, smooth and supple through the present moisturising agents. The formula is enriched with a special complimentary component which is known to protect and help eyelashes from falling off during make up removal. The violet phase dissolves even the most stubborn of make up, while the transparent phase eliminates all other remnants of make up, leaving your eyes feeling fresh and cleansed.



Golden rose Purifying Tonic (200ml)

This tonic has been specially formulated to gently clarify, purify and tone your skin. It consequently leaves it in a soft, smooth and purified condition, due to the removal of excess impurities and make up residue after cleansing. It contains a combination of moisturisers that instantly hydrate the skin. It also features witch hazel water, which helps tighten the appearance of pores. It is enriched with japonica camellia oil and essential natural moisturising amino acids which are known to protect the skin barrier from external effects.