When you are a mature woman, make up is your friend, but there are some tips that you should adhere to, because after all, you don’t want to end up looking like a Barbie doll!

The first rule to remember is that less is more! When using make up on mature skin, you want to apply just enough to make you look neat and attractive without ending up with the made up look!

For under-eye dark circles, use a peachy or orange tone concealer. Be sure to blend it well and only use it on the darker skin tone. For bags under the eyes, use a light liquid concealer in the grove of the bags, but not over the puffiness. Otherwise, you’ll accentuate them more.

To obtain an even skin tone, because many mature women are prone to pigmentation, use a liquid foundation. Liquid is better to use as it is lighter in texture than compact foundation, and it won’t accentuate the wrinkles. Dust lightly over it with loose powder using a big powder brush. Do not over powder!

For eye make up, avoid shimmery and pearlescent eyeshadows, as these will accentuate the expression lines near your eyes more. Use matte eyeshadows with colours such as pinks, peaches, light brown and sand greys. Avoid very dark colours like blues and blacks.

Blusher can be applied high on the cheek bone to give an instant lift to the face. Use corals, peach and light pinks to give some colour to your cheeks.

As we grow older, the collagen in our lips starts to dry out and we lose our plumpness in our lips. Light colours make our lips look fuller, while darker colours give us thinner lips.

Do not be afraid of make up. Experiment or go to a private make up lesson so that you will use make up to your benefit and bring out the best in your features!