Date of Birth: 4th July, 1991

Where do you live: Gudja

Status: Single

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Administrative Support Work

Media-related occupation: Actress
Claudia Mizzi has just graduated in Health and Social Care Management. Throughout the course, she found it very difficult to conduct her hobbies because of school commitments. In fact, during her school days, she used to attend courses with Free Spirit Acting and took small parts rather than committing herself to main or secondary parts.

“However, as soon as I got all of my final results, I decided to attend a Ċaqqufa audition where I was unexpectedly chosen to interpret the part of Karla Debono during the 1950s. I am currently also working on another drama named Libra, which is going to be aired next October. I will be interpreting the role of Lisa Brown who is an unlicensed police officer,” states Claudia Mizzi in this interview.

Before her acting career, she started off as a producer on a local radio programme with team Qawsalla in 2006, where her role included observing and taking notes on places where there were local feasts. After doing so, she would transmit what she was seeing live on radio. In 2007, she was chosen by a local presenter to assist him in presenting his television programme during the summer holidays by conducting administrative tasks.



How would you describe your relationship with money?

I do agree that money isn’t everything, because the best things in life, such as happiness and love, are free. However, in today’s world, I do think that money is very essential, especially when maintaining health issues. Doctors’ visits and medication cost money. So sometimes, in order to live and benefit from the free things that life offers us, one must first be in good health.

What would you never, ever buy – and why not?

I would never buy something which is in fashion which I don’t like or doesn’t fit me well.

Have you been recognised lately in public? What’s the reaction you get?

At first, people didn’t notice that I was the same person playing teen Karla on Iċ-Ċaqqufa, especially because my personality is very different to the one I was interpreting. However with time, people started recognising me, and their reactions were quite positive. The majority of people really believe that the role is very similar to my natural character.

What percentage of your life do you spend shopping?

The percentage varies according to the cash at hand during that particular month. However, I try to avoid online shopping because I prefer trying clothes beforehand to make sure that they fit me well.

Do you think that because something is more expensive, it is automatically better?

Not always. I do believe that it depends on the customer’s needs.