In 2002, Guberniya performed for the very first time in Tver, Russia at the jubilee concert commemorating the anniversary of the newspaper, Veche Tveri. Vladimir Derevyagin (accordion), Natalja Bogdanova (dombra-viola), Alexander Nekrassov (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Rikhmajer (balalaika) and Marina Korchagina (vocal) are all professional musicians with a higher conservatory education and professional concert experience. They strive to be original in every musical piece they perform.

Their wide repertoire includes Russian classical pieces, Russian traditional folk sketches and pop. A great number of the instrumental compositions were created by the artist director of the group, Vladimir Derevyagin. His authoring works and the arrangements of folk pieces, including the world-renowned Kalinka and the gipsy romance Black Eyes, are full of creative fantasy and musical humour. Popular tunes from such groups as ABBA and Boney M have been transformed by Guberniya, with the use of Russian folk musical instruments.

Unusual and brilliant innovations, professional performances and a great energy distinguish Guberniya as a unique ensemble. The organisers of the event, European Centre of Culture & Arts (Malta), would like to invite you to listen to this wonderful ensemble with a difference on Sunday 27th September at 7pm at the Temi Zammit Hall of the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

Tickets can be purchased from the MCC website.