Flower remedies are becoming increasingly popular with people who recognise that their health is significantly affected by their state of mind. The ones that you’re most likely to come across at the chemists’ or in health food shops are the Bach Flower Remedies. However, there are a large number of other different flower essences too.

Flower remedies treat negative states of mind, like stress, depression and panic attacks, which can hinder healing and deplete vitality. They are subtle tools of healing that exert a positive influence on one’s state of mind, usually inducing calm and harmonious emotions. Each flower remedy has a particular influence on certain moods and feelings. For example, bluebell is taken to help lift depression, holly can cool a fiery temper, and Star-of-Bethlehem helps you to recover from shock.

Although the notion that flowers possess healing powers may seem new, it is in fact an ancient one, since even thousands of years ago, Australian Aborigines and American Indians used flowers to ease emotional upsets and achieve peace of mind. The art of healing with flowers was ‘re-discovered’, so to speak, in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a physician who became dissatisfied with the orthodox approach to treating certain illnesses. Bach observed that stress and mental strain underlies most mental illnesses, and that personality influences how you respond to stressful events. In difficult times, some people, for example, become irritable, while others have a tendency towards being withdrawn or gloomy. Bach began searching for a new healing system that could help with the psychological aspect of illness, and found it.



Bach discovered that he could capture a flower’s healing essence by floating freshly picked blooms in bowls of spring water, and leaving them in the sunlight for at least two hours. The ‘energised’ water is then mixed with brandy, which acts as a preservative. This forms the flower stock. Unlike aromatherapy oils and herbal preparations, these flower remedies do not contain any active chemical substances. They can be therefore used alongside prescribed and complementary medicines, thus enhancing their benefits.

Some argue that flower essences act as placebos, only making us feel better because we believe that they are doing us good. However, it has been noted that when people who did not know they were being given the remedies took them, the results showed that they still felt better about themselves . The beauty about flower remedies is that you can prescribe them for yourself and for your family and friends, as they are safe, gentle and free from any harmful side effects. The type of remedy you need depends on how you respond to stress, what is going on in your life at the time, and what your purpose is in taking them. Some flower remedies, for example, boost one’s energy, while others may help with self-confidence or enhance sexuality.

In addition to the well-established Bach Flower Remedies, there are hundreds of newer flower essences that come from different regions of the world, such as Hawaii, the Himalayas, Australia and Alaska. Made from a variety of indigenous flowers, many of these essences address emotional dilemmas that go with today’s high-pressured lifestyle.

One can use Alpine Mint Bush by Australian Bush to restore vitality and motivation. Brown Boronia by Australian Living helps one focus their concentration and gain clear-headedness. Impatiens by Bach helps you unwind and relax when you feel tense and anxious. Red Hibiscus by Himalayan Aditi renews a couple’s compatibility and passion.


Image: Brown Boronia


How to take a flower remedy:

Add one or two drops to clear water, juice or herbal tea. In emergencies, drop them straight onto the tongue. You can also add a couple of drops to your bath water for a soothing soak. Ideally, remedies are taken early in the morning or before going to bed at night, when you are in quite a reflective mood. Flower remedies do not lose their potency if one drinks tea, coffee, or alcohol. In order to fully store the energy within the mixture, the bottles should be kept away from electrical equipment.

If you are stressed, it is always advisable to see a professional practitioner or therapist who will pinpoint the most appropriate essences for you.


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