Nostalgia‘s very much been the ‘it’ concept for the last few years. Instagram propels us into the chic zone with its polaroid hazy filter. Somebody had come up with #Throwbackthursdays just to have a day of the week dedicated to get their reminiscence on, because it’s so trendy for 20-somethings to look back on the good old days.

It’s as if we’ve run out of ideas for this part of the century. We’ve no clue as to what original fad we’re going to make big, and so we’re consequently cashing in on the vintage of things we wouldn’t have really cared about had the need to make something trendy not arisen.

Take the last few seasons of fashion, and the upcoming one, at that. Never mind taking inspiration, it’s been a time warp straight back into the 70s, 80s and 90s. It all started off with the rediscovery of the 90s and their wacky, goth-dabbling, Bjork-loving, toe ring ways. We’re still seeing shades of this experimentation through crop tops and the platform, which has now evolved into the 70s platform shoe. Sandwiched between these two eras, we experienced some 80s boldness, with the return of shoulder pads, baggy jumpers, geometric designs and culottes. All three periods have now been merged together in the Autumn/Winter 2015 season, with the 70s being the predominant influence, accompanied by a slow fade out of the 90s.

Beware. Current fashion trends are going to be absolutely unforgiving. Yes, more than usual. Since we’re having a 70s throwback, the androgynous figure is being celebrated. YES, even more than usual. The clues lie in the models and campaigns. The models’ emaciation is flaunted to the max with slouchy poses and hunched shoulders. This further accentuates the shapelessness of some of the garments which will be stacked on the railings this season. Noticeably lanky hair and asexual loafers are also part of the look. However, there is something considerably enticing in this look, and that is the lavish material being used. Much to many a fetishist’s pleasure, velvet is in, and it’s coming in a diversity of forms – from velvet bell bottoms to velvet camis to velvet pouches. This divine fabric is this season’s salvation, alongside suede and corduroy. Nothing says 70s more than a corduroy trench coat. Suede is making an appearance in some lovely colours, including bottle green, light pink, turquoise and burgundy, but the dreaded tan, beige, yellow and orange are also here to stay. Choose wisely. Your complexion may depend on it.



The combination of corduroy or denim A-line skirts with suede over-the-knee boots is a ray of sunshine, and if you throw in a ribbed jumper, you’ll be channelling your inner 70s secretary. Pop on a floppy 70s hat too, why not? Vogue UK’s just classed this season as ‘the return of show off fashion’, so let’s be outlandish.

We are perhaps seeing a lack of femininity in this season’s fashion because of the get ups that are being compiled in photo shoots and on mannequins. Tragically, drowning A shapes and multiple layers in the wrong areas can only look like art on size zeros. However, if you had to rearrange the puzzle pieces and choose the right combinations for your body type, you’ll find that amidst the gender fluidity and tent-like shirts, there is huge potential for this season’s attire to be flattering. Instead of it being laid out to us on the mannequin, we’re just going to have to do the math ourselves. Take this season as an opportunity to learn how to dress your figure.



This season’s fashion does come with some very appealing bells and whistles. Fringing is very big, and it mainly comes in the form of suede. It is however, not just limited to sling bags. Fringed gilets, fringed jackets, fringed skirts… They’ve gone crazy with this boho peripheral. Despite the daunting prospect of drowning cuts, there are some gorgeous features which you can’t help but fall in love with. The bell sleeve is back, and one cannot decide whether it’s been directly taken from a 70s festival or a medieval film. Either way, it’s divine and exceptionally flattering. Speaking of medieval fashion, string lacing is also one of the stars of this hippie show. Alas though, it can break the heart of those who can’t afford to go braless. Designers have capitalised on the delicacy of a string laced plunge neckline, but took the plunge bit too far. Big busted maidens, longing to channel their Merlinesque fantasies, will be left asking the question, ‘Where am I going to put my boobs?’ Actually, even flat chested ladies will be wondering where the hell they’re going to put their nipples. We will also see a big boom in the flare cut, which has evolved from the popular palazzo pant, and tightened itself around our thighs.



All in all, this season will challenge its consumers in trying to find their feet. It will consist of items of clothing which will not survive the seasons following it. Hardly anything is going to be recycled. Perhaps, like our parents, we’ll look back and wonder, ‘What the hell were we thinking?’

What do you think of this season’s fashion? 

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