Date of Birth: 5th September, 1992

Where do you live: St. Julian’s

Status: Single

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: DJ

Dom Galea has been deejaying since he was 13, but really got into it when he managed to get a summer job as a DJ, playing 3 to 4 nights a week. This really pushed him and helped him learn a lot about performing.

Since then, he’s been working on his productions and focusing on becoming a better DJ by playing whenever and wherever he can. He also works within social media to help develop his local music brand, Zone Music, which he runs with three other friends. His role is to manage the online presence of the brand and to ensure that they stay current, as well as maximise on their promotions through the use of social media.

Over the years, Dom worked his way up from playing house parties to small scaled events. He is now playing all over the island, from The Playground, Clique to Annie Mac’s Lost & Found Festival last April. He has even played a number of times for the University of Manchester Ski & Snowboarding Club – SKUM. He has also become the first official Zone Music resident DJ, and he is the Jaegermeister 2014 DJ Competition winner. Most of all, he is super excited about playing at The Warehouse Project Manchester After Party on the 24th October, hosted by Zone Music.



Is there a criteria, other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?

I mostly play at events, where I stick to the style of music I am comfortable playing with. This normally consists of a mix of techno and house music, also known as tech-house. However, every event can obviously require me to play many different styles of music, so it’s important that I can be flexible and adapt my music style. When it comes to preparing for a set, I tend to pre-plan my set in advance, but once I’m at the venue, I just go with the flow, see what the crowd is feeling and take it from there.

What’s your perspective on the relationship and the balance between technological advances, music and the art of deejaying?

I think there is a fine line between being a DJ who is dependant on technology, and artists who use technology to help them create and perform better. A true DJ can play on anything he can get his hands on, whether it’s a pair of 1210s (Turntables), CDJs or a MIDI controller. Therefore, if technology is used in the right manner, I feel that it will add value to the DJ’s performance. However, I’m always happy to stick to a pair of CDJ2000s.

Aside from music, what other things do you cherish in life?

I enjoy playing football with friends on a weekly basis. Though recently, I’ve had surgery on my shoulder, so I am out of action for a while now. Before that, I used to play rugby for overseas, as well as spending time with family and friends.

What sound or noise do you like most?

I love the sound of a very well designed and well balanced sound system. Funktion One Sound Systems are my favourite. This is probably why I love playing at The Playground or at The Factory so much.

Given the chance, would you drink wine, beer or vodka?

I always go for beer when I’m deejaying. Otherwise, I love a little bit of vodka!

Keep up to date with DOM’s upcoming shows on his official Facebook page.