Ahead of the school’s 25th anniversary performance in December, students and teachers at the Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance have recently worked with the First Artist of the Royal Ballet.

Erico Montes, who is a Brazilian-born Royal Ballet dancer and choreographer, has just spent two weeks in Malta working with the students and staff of the Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance. The classes marked the start of rehearsals for the school’s upcoming Christmas production, Sleeping Beauty, which will take place on the 5th and 6th December at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. Erico is one of the artists in charge of choreographing and staging this production, which will mark a quarter of a century since the school’s opening.



“It’s been a wonderful two weeks in Malta, albeit intensive,” says Erico, who is a First Artist at London’s prestigious Royal Ballet. “While here, I worked with over 200 students from the school. The standards are very high and some students have exceptional talent. I’m incredibly impressed and very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Brigitte Gauci Borda and her students.”

“It’s a fairytale with a strong message,” explains Erico, “but while there are parts of it that I’m adapting and rearranging, the ballet and the score dictate how the story goes, and it is a fantastic map to this timeless fairytale.”

The staging of Sleeping Beauty by the Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance will also coincide with world-round concerts and productions marking Tchaikovsky’s 175th birthday. The Russian composer, legendary among connoisseurs and in popular culture, was born in 1840.

More information on Sleeping Beauty will soon be released. Tickets will soon be on sale.