Date of Birth: 6th December, 1975

Where do you live: Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

Status: Married

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Main occupation: Executive Officer

Media-related occupation: Actress

39-year old Sharon Ferris is married and a mother to Natalia, who is 14 years old. She has worked within the Public Service for these last 21 years, but her most rewarding job is looking after her sick mother, while struggling with a very busy lifestyle.

From a very young age, and being the first born in the family, Sharon has handled family responsibilities, and although she always wished to be in show business, she had restrictions, and at that time it was just a dream, until six years ago, when her sister encouraged her to start drama classes.

“My life completely changed when I started attending Freespirit Acting, which I still do. Through these years, I’ve played small roles on TV series like Prima Facie, Tfesfisa and Anġli, but my first great experience started two years ago on Iċ-Ċaqqufa, where I played the role of Margaret, better known as ‘Omm Eva’. This was an amazing experience, which paved the way for my acting career. Luckily, I worked with a great and professional team. I also had the opportunity to be part of a short film produced by MCAST students, named Bil-Qatra l-Qatra, and I was part of the village Easter pageant, Tamara, back in 2010,” states Sharon in this interview.


Image: Sharon with her daughter, Natalia


Is there anything in your life you want to have or do, that has yet to be accomplished?

I’ve always wanted to start my own fashion business and host a television show.

Where do you want to take your acting?

I would like to play more challenging roles, both in television and theatre.

Aside from drama, what other things that you cherish in life?

Time spent with family, especially my daughter, who is my one and only!

What support systems would you like to see for local drama?

Media production companies should give more opportunities and exposure to new talent. Once I read this quote: “One is not born an actor, he becomes one.”

What would you say to aspiring actors?

Believe in yourself and your talent, and don’t ever underestimate yourself. It’s never too late to start.