You wheel your luggage through the drive-in and into the reception area. Whether you’ve endured scorching heat or ice cold winds to get there, you’re glad to be enveloped by 360° of temperature-controlled comfort. The floor is marbled and sleek against your suitcase wheels, in contrast to the gravelly and uneven pavements outside. The polish propels your bee-line towards the reception desk.

You want to scream, ‘Room key. NOW.’ But you’ve got to be polite and pay your deposit. Only then are you handed your key. You are then led to your chamber. Or, if your budget couldn’t afford that kind of service, you make your own way to it, which is fine because quite frankly, you don’t need anybody to show you how to use the remote control or how to switch the shower on. You can figure all of that out for yourself, thank you very much. That’s the fun bit. You swing the door shut and listen to the trademark sound-proof hum that bounces off the walls and the carpeted floor. The bed looks fluffy and majestic, but you’re not interested in that. You’re heading to the most important corner of your temporary den – the bathroom.

Many judge their overall stay by the opulence of the bathroom. We want big shower heads with all the bells and whistles that come with water pressure, and God help the management if that shower head is fixed. None of us can resist the crappy but beautifully packaged toiletries by the sink. Nothing says luxury like cute little bottles and a bar of soap in a piece of logo-ed paper.



The deal is really sealed when you fish through the sheets and find chocolates under the pillows.

What’s so comforting about hotel rooms? What’s the sex appeal behind them? It’s not necessary for the hotel to have 5 stars hanging outside for it to have this effect on its guests. We’ve all spent many a night in budget hotels and guest houses with nothing but the basic amenities, yet we always experience the same thrill when we go through their utilitarian corridors, as long as they’re clean and well kept, of course.

As soon as you shut the door, you find yourself in an assured space of privacy from the rest of the world. Behind that door, you can be whoever you want to be in the confines of this safe haven. Absolute anonymity is what is so alluring about hotels. The staff are genuinely not interested in what you get up to in that room. You can consume an entire platter of extravagant sushi in the nude while watching re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond for all they care, and you will suffer no judgement. Why? Because nobody has a clue of what you’re up to, and you’re paying to be left in peace.

What’s also so enticing is the fact that you may leave as much evidence as you like of your debauchery, and you won’t have to suffer the consequences… So long as you don’t break anything. If you’re a generally messy person who often gets frowned upon for undone beds and strewn laundry, a hotel is the one place in the world where you are in no way obliged to clean your room. No one’s going to think less of you for leaving a blanket askew. Now, that’s bliss.

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