The wedding gift… the question on everyone’s mind remains…

How much or what should I give as a gift?

When I was younger, we would never give money as a wedding gift. For starters, we didn’t have that much money and, secondly, people seemed to appreciate receiving gifts that they could use throughout their lives. I myself still have a gorgeous dinner set my best friend had given me at my wedding, and I still use it. I had also received a Kenwood Chef, a set of crystal glasses, about 20 pots and pans, and a kitsch oil painting.

Some of those gifts had gone straight to charity and others straight to the bin (sorry!), but I am still happy to say that I didn’t ask for money.

See, asking for money as a wedding gift is quite tacky. Your wedding is not a business venture where you need to break even or make a profit. It’s a celebration you want to share with others, and the gifts are there to help commemorate it, not to fund it!

More than that, asking people for money doesn’t make their lives any easier. I mean, how should one know how much money to give? Is there a basic rate that then needs to be incremented depending on how close they are to you, how long they’ve known you or how much they’ll need your help in the future?

And how much is enough? Is €200 enough? And what if the guest is broke at this point in time, or unemployed, or a student? Does that give them a discount?

I asked these questions to some friends, who are younger than me and more apt with these new trends, and this is what they’ve suggested.

Close family members give between €200-€300, but it’s €150-€250 for close friends. Colleagues give €100-€150, usually depending on how much they like their co-worker and his/her seniority in the company. Relatives and friends give anything between €80-€120, while acquaintances contribute between €50-€80.

That obviously all changes if the invitee is a student or someone who is saving up to buy a house or to pay for their own wedding. Those rates may go down by up to 30%.

I, for one, am still not a fan of giving money as a gift for a wedding. I don’t see why I should be put in a position in which I have to reveal to the other person how much I spent and how much I might like them or dislike them.

And you know what, if they are willing to put me in that position in the first place, then €50 is all they’re going to get.


Do you agree with Evelyn? Should people not ask for money as a wedding gift?

Let us know in the comment section below!