Fight for a good cause on the 30th August at the Floriana Grounds from 5pm onwards at the first ever Water Balloon Fight Festival, presented by the collaboration of The Inspire Foundation and Puttinu Cares.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 100,0000 water balloons filled with seawater
  • 3000 people
  • 6 playing areas
  • Ample food and drink
  • A live DJ and entertainment
  • Kids area
  • Individual and Group Games… and much more!



Everyone in this 3000-person battle will be armed with 50 balloon bombs per participant. This is an event for the whole family where kids are welcome and a fun time is guaranteed.

The cherry on the cake of this fantastic event is that no water will be wasted. We will be using seawater for the balloons and the used balloons will then be disposed of appropriately, making sure the environment is safeguarded.

The Floriana Grounds were kindly donated for this event and therefore all proceeds will be going towards two worthy causes – The Inspire Foundation that works with children and adults with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and Puttinu Cares, which is a caner support group focused on providing a holistic approach of care for families with children suffering from cancer.

Adults – €5 per game (50 balloons)

Children – €3 per game (30 balloons)

For more information and booking, visit the official Inspire Foundation website.