Date of Birth: 12th May, 1990
Where do you live: Mġarr, Malta
Status: In a relationship
Star Sign: Taurus
Main occupation: DJ/Producer
Media-related occupation: Radio Presenter

It all started out when Andre was bought a guitar at a young age. He’s never looked back. He could not wait to get home from school to practice, and this went on for years. At the age of 16, he moved to England and started getting into bands as a lead guitarist. He started experimenting with other instruments, like drums, keyboards and bass. This turned out to be a very useful skill when it came to producing, as it gave him knowledge about other instruments that needed to be programmed. Moving to England made him discover opportunities that had never been explored before, and this gave him something to aspire too.

It wasn’t long before he started realising the opportunities in making music through technology, rather than through traditional methods. The band could be swapped for a laptop, allowing for all kinds of possibilities. He then went through a phase of education, starting from a Higher Diploma to a Degree in Music Technology. This turned out to be the backbone of his music, as the theory gathered during these years could be implemented within his music. Before he started producing, he was deejaying and through persistence, he played in great venues such as Ministry of Sound and The Driver alongside Markus Schulz and Fedde Le Grand, among others. ​Music has always been a great part of his life, whether it’s deejaying or producing.

Can you describe your state of mind when producing music?

I always look for something to inspire me. It could be something as simple as a drum sound or a short melody hook. After that, I start building the track around the idea with a bass line, vocals, chords and everything else that fits the original concept of the track. In my opinion, the final product needs to have a connection with the audience and also needs to have something that they can relate to.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

When I have some to spare, I always try to invest in new equipment and see if there’s anything new on the market.

What would you never, ever buy, and why not?

A selfie stick – not too keen on taking selfies.

What are your comments on our local music scene and clubbing?

In my opinion, the local music scene can be of great benefit to the tourism industry and it can be a niche in itself. When working in Paceville, I often speak with tourists who come to Malta for the clubbing experience. Considering its safety and very low prices, these attract many young tourists. Hence, I think that the local authorities should invest more in this industry for the benefit of the country and also for us DJs.


DJ ANDRE can be found online on his official website or through his Facebook page. You can also check out his latest work on his Soundcloud page.