Date of Birth: 13th August… at some point in the 80s

Where do you live: Valletta

Status: Awesome, verging on god-like

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: I work in several fields, but most of them come back to my writing. My TV and radio work all sprout from this. I also work in the property sector and have been a farmer all my life.

Media-related occupation: TV presenter/producer, radio presenter/producer, writer.

Born a city slicker, Paul Roberts moved to the family farm at the age of 8. He began working in radio at the age of 17 while still working in farming. He read for a BA (Hons) in Media in Bristol. At 19, he bought his first house. At 20, he bought his first business. At 24, he sold the business and invested in Malta. Since then, he’s had various different investments, all related to media in some way. He has now been 17 years in radio, 26 years in farming, 8 years in writing, and 3 years in television. Recently, he’s been asked to be a clothing model for a vintage clothes shop.

He has also been hosting live events, concerts and festivals for 7 years. “It’s a job I love because I get to see the immediate reaction from the audience, compared to television and radio where you just have to guess,” states Roberts.

What’s your connection to Malta?

Business in property investments led me here, but I loved it so much I decided to become Southern European. The beach clubs are pretty good, too!



Is there anything in your life you want to have or do, that has yet to be accomplished?

I’d like to have a family.

What are your views about Malta?

I love it sooooo much!

So far, what’s the most money you’ve spent in one go?

No comment! Although, I once had a bar tab that was £731.

What are some of the best things that you cherish in life?

Love, happiness, laughter and most of all, my family. Oh, and a well made Martini. Please God, let there be more well made Martinis in this world.

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing?

Both. Dining, then clubbing after, because it wouldn’t work the other way round.

Catch Paul Roberts on ONE TV on The Scene on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and on ONE Radio on Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays at 6:20pm.