We live in a reality where turmoil and crises take over our media and our everyday life. People are running away from danger looking for a better situation. Others are living in war zones while others are facing environmental dangers. The list goes on.

It is on the 19th of August that the United Nations celebrates World Humanitarian Day. The day was designated back in 2003, and its purpose is to commemorate those who face danger by choice in order to help other people.

When we listen to such news every day, we may not only become used to the troubles that surround us, but worse than that, we may lose the feeling of empathy that we may feel towards others, and if given the chance, we may refuse to help others because we are afraid that our own circumstances may change.

On this day, it is imperative to remember that we may be luckier than other persons, and if we cannot help others, materially or physically, we should empathise with people who are in dire straits. Although we cannot bring much change alone, one person contributing to better the lives of others is better than none.