Hello, my name is Michaela and I am a chronic yo-yo dieter.

I love food. Unfortunately, however, food does not always love me… At least, not sinful food. The sad reality I live in is that I was not blessed with a fast metabolism that allows me to burn any calories no sooner than I consume them. You see, my love-hate relationship towards food is a rather tumultuous one.

Sure, I do enjoy a good salad every now and then, but let’s face it. Many of the salads that can be genuinely enjoyed, where you feel like you don’t need to reach for a steak or a plate of pasta right after, are ones that have the bad ingredients. You know, the definite no nos, such as croutons and dressing. Not to mention bacon, which, let’s be honest, are like nuggets of gold in an otherwise hopelessly baron field of lettuce and other leafy greens. Well, at least, this is my humble opinion, and let me be clear – I am neither a nutritionist nor a dietician, but just your run of the mill distressed lay person, trying to share a leaf out of her failed attempts at dieting. If I were to write a book on these, it would be called The Trials and Tribulations of a Distressed and Perennially Hungry Dieter.

To be fair on myself, or perhaps more truthfully, to make myself feel a tad less guilty, I remind myself that I am also an avid fruit and veggie eater, which can’t hurt either, right? However, on days where I like to let go and not care about what I eat and want to pig out, I simply wish such empty calories were more on the ’empty’ and less on the ‘calorie’ side. I wish they were non-existent evil villains that you only read about in fairytales. Alas, those little buggers always manage to appear from nowhere and ruin your meal!

I’m pretty convinced that quite a number of people can join my moaning parade, and we can form a support group or club – albeit made up of somewhat miserable, at times rather starving, people! I can honestly say I’ve tried a smorgasbord of different diets in the hope of finding a quick fix to permanent weight loss. The trouble is that there is no such thing.

I know. Shocking, right? Sad but true. No magic wand unfortunately, my fellow yo-yo dieters. Time, not to mention countless dieting attempts, accompanied with health food shopping sprees, have made me realise that it is virtually impossible to lose weight the easy way. As the sickeningly cliché saying goes: No pain, no gain.

So my couple of (hopefully shiny) pearls of wisdom would be to eat healthily. However, do choose foods you genuinely enjoy and remember that moderation is always key. Complement such healthy choices with regular exercise. Here is one final word of advice: Do not deprive yourself of the treats you enjoy, as this is ultimately a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. The fact of the matter is, the more deprived you feel, the bigger the urge to splurge and let go. Let’s not turn one of life’s pleasures into an activity of misery and despair.


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