Date of Birth: 5th February, 1992
Where do you live: Qormi
Star Sign: Aquarius
Main occupation: Legal intern
Media occupation: Actor

To start off, Rachel Genovese is a law student in her final year. It’s quite a challenging course for her. However, she’s enjoyed every bit of it and is now now looking forward to graduating and starting work! As for her acting career, she had started off as a dancer and spent eight years training Latin American and ballroom dance.

“Once I stopped dancing, my mother had suggested I should take acting classes, and I loved the idea. So I started acting classes with a couple of amazing teachers, including Lino Farrugia and Albert Marshall, who were so dedicated! Eventually, I obtained my diploma in Speech and Drama. Sfida was the first television show I had done. It was a wonderful yet challenging experience, and I can proudly say that I did very well! Sfida was a very different kind of show – we had challenges every week and training almost every day but it was surely fun! I hope that one day, I’ll get to do something of the sort again!”

Eventually, a company phoned Rachel for an audition. She got the part of Jasmine on Rubini. It was her first ever television role, but it was an amazing experience she’ll never forget. “I remember one of the hardest scenes was where I had to give birth! God that was awkward, but yes, I believe I pulled it off!”

Next up was Dreams. “I was chosen and was given the part of Jade. She was quite a challenging character because I had to be a bit of an annoying teenager, but it was nonetheless a great experience. Then we had Dreams 2, and next up was Katrina 1 and Katrina 2, and now we’ve got Katrina 3! Katrina‘s the best show I’ve ever been part of. It was such a huge success and I know Season 3 will also be a hit with viewers! I met some amazing and talented actors who I can now call friends. I believe one of the most challenging scenes I had to do was the suicide scene. It was difficult to get into the part and to understand the emotional turmoil one would be going through when contemplating suicide. I had to pretend I was drowning myself. Looking back, I believe I did a good job, so I’m happy I did it! We’re currently filming Katrina 3 and it’s looking great! It’s been a wonderful journey so far. We’ll see what the future holds,” states Rachel Genovese.



Aside from acting, what other things do you cherish in life?

I love acting and I don’t consider it to be a job. It’s more of a hobby for me. Apart from acting, I also love dancing, although I don’t find a lot of time to do that. I also cherish my friends and I love going out and spending time with them! I’m currently at university studying law, and believe it or not, I love the student life! I try to get involved in most student activities, and I’m also involved in a law student organisation. So I do keep myself busy!

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing, and why?

I do a bit of both, so let’s say I love them equally. I enjoy dining with close friends and family. However, I do also enjoy my fair share of clubbing! It depends on the mood, but if I had to choose, I’d say I prefer dining out because I get to chat and enjoy the company of the ones around me!

What percentage of your life do you normally spend shopping?

I’d say 30 to 40%! I love shopping, but most of the time, due to time constraints, I shop online!

Do you have any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share?

The ‘behind the scenes’ episodes are always awesome! I think one of the good ones was when I had to run up to a friend who had just fainted on stage! The problem was that I was in heels and the stage was super slippery and as you can imagine, I ran up, slipped and fell right on my face!

Which fashion item couldn’t you live without?

I am unfortunately a typical girl, so yes I can’t live without my make up!