DJ Panelli
Photo credits to Aria club

Date of Birth: 30th November 1987

Where do you live? St. Julian’s

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Main occupation: Risk, Payment & Fraud Analyst

Media-related occupation: DJ / Event Organiser
Starting off in 2008, Dj Panelli has defiantly worked his way up the ladder and has gained respect from the local DJ community. Known for being able to adapt to the crowd in front of him, Keith always brings a certain flare to the table. His style can take you through all styles of house, be it deep, tech or funk.

Over the past years, Panelli has gained massive respect from clubbers and event organisers. To date, he’s played at events with world class acts such Luciano, Bakermat, Klingande, Ron Costa, Sam Feldt & FlicFlac, while also playing at renowned clubbing events such as Creamfields, Ministry of Sound, Lights Out, Gringos, Sunglasses at Night, Technicolor and many other local events. An established DJ in the music scene, Keith Panelli is making it big playing at some of the largest events happening right here in Malta. One can always expect to hear music true to Panelli’s routes.

Panelli has also managed to get his own event going, PANTHEMS. It had started out as a small idea for a birthday celebration back in 2009. It is now definitely working its way up the ladder, as it’s always packed with a super pumping dancing crowd.


Tell us about your journey in becoming a deejay.

I’ve always loved music since I was a child, but I had never thought of becoming a DJ till the age of 20. I had moved in with a friend of mine who had turn tables at his place, and I started practising for fun. My best friend Luc Adams, who is a huge DJ in the music industry, helped me out and gave me that extra push to become who I am now.

What is your full name, and from where did you get your stage name?

My full name is Keith Farrugia, but hardly anyone knows me as Farrugia! Some of my friends had found out years later. Panelli is my Dad’s nickname and everyone used to call me the same since I was a kid. So it was very easy to choose it as a stage name.

Aside from music, what other things do you cherish in life?

My children and sports, which include football and waterpolo.

What sound or noise do you like most?

I would say house and tech house.

Is there anything you have on your bucket list that has yet to be accomplished?

My number one would be to get a gig abroad. Ibiza would be a dream come true. Id also like to travel to South America and go sky diving.

Given the chance, would you drink wine, beer or vodka? And why?

It would depend on the occasion and what I’d be doing! When I’m having dinner, I drink wine. When I’m watching football with my friends, I drink beer. When I party, I drink whiskey!

You can check out DJ Panelli’s soundcloud profile here.