Very few things are as therapeutic as a day at the beach. And as much as it’s a harmful accompaniment to our health, we’ve all had that smouldering cigarette on the sand. But once you’ve had the last drag, where do YOU put your cigarette butt?

Here at eve.com.mt, we stand by humanity’s responsibility to keep beaches and recreational areas clean, safe and hygienic for everyone’s enjoyment, and for the preservation of our natural landscape. We’re also fed up of finding cigarette butts in our sandcastles!



An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts (news.discovery.com) are deposited in our environment every year. The cigarette butt comprises of a non-biodegradable filter, made from cellulose acetate, and the last few remnants of a smoked cigarette. It is the most littered item in the world and it can also keep burning for a few minutes, causing direct injuries and fires. They are often washed away by rain or wind into water systems. Their harmful toxins, which include dangerous chemicals such as cadmium, arsenic and lead, are consequently released into these waters, proving to be poisonous to the ecosystem if there is a high concentration of them. As they are non-biodegradable, there is a higher chance of them being consumed by both land and aquatic creatures. There have also been cases where young children have actually swallowed cigarette butts found in recreational areas.

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Running our fingers and toes through sand is a beautiful sensation. Such pleasure should not be marred by finding someone else’s cigarette butt wedged between your appendages.

There is no excuse for littering. #nobutts 

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