Step 1

Take the bottom right-hand corner of the paper and slide it into the slot on the left-hand side from underneath.

Step 2

Fold the corner you’ve just inserted over the slot to lock the paper together.

Step 3

There should now be a small hole a the bottom of the cone shaped ash tray. This will allow sand to enter the cone when you plant it on the beach. Make sure it’s filled with a good amount of sand, so that it won’t get burned by your fresh cigarette butts.

Step 4

When your day is concluded, pull out the ash tray from the sand and take it and its contents to the nearest bins. Empty the ash tray into the general waste bin. You can keep the ash tray for another time, or if you are ready from it, please make sure to dispose of it in the paper-recycling bin.

There is no excuse for littering. #nobutts