Age may be just a number, but sometimes, it’s an array of different experiences and a whole lot of different perspectives. The most common of age gaps is between parents and their children. Both find themselves in different stages of their lives, and while parents may not always remember how it was to be at the age of their children, the children may not at all empathise with their parents. This leads to a situation where even if there is communication, their isn’t really much of an understanding of the situation.

Another difference is when there might be an age difference between persons within an amorous relationship. The age gap may be small or wide, but this can be made evident through what the two people may want out of the relationship or through how they may behave.

In the end, it is one’s life experience that shapes a person, rather than just his/her age. However, when trying to understand one another, it is important to remember that our inability of understanding each other may sometimes not be because of our lack of trying, but because we may be in different stages of our lives.

Age may play an important role when trying to communicate with each other, but our ability to listen and understand is much more important, and it is this that really affects whether we get our message across or not.


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