It’s the task that makes grown men weep, but fear not. There are ways of making it much easier.

Every week, I spend at least one afternoon with iron in hand trying to get creases out of my garments. It’s ironic really. I hate un-ironed clothes but I cannot for the life of me enjoy the process. I often start thinking about the meaning of life or how I could easily jumpy out of the window and have to do this task again by the second pair of underwear – yes, I iron underwear. Feel free to judge.

But then, surely there must be an easier way to go about this. So I sat down and thought about it logically and methodically. The thing that topped my list was ‘pay someone else to do it.’

It is actually the best idea, but altogether useless since I don’t have the cash to pay anyone. So here are a few easier and cheaper ways to making ironing faster and a little bit more bearable.

Prep. The best way to avoid spending hours on end ironing is to wash and dry your clothes in a particular way. Never overfill the washing machine as clothes will get tangled and creased. When drying them, hang them on coat hangers on the line so as to avoid any creasing by the pegs. If, like me, you do two or more loads and then iron them all together, make sure you fold your clothes in the interim.



Invest in a good iron. A good iron will reduce your workload by half, and teamed with a good ironing board, you will breeze through the job… sort of. A good iron must have a built-in steaming system and maintain a consistent temperature. Investing in a good iron will set you back more than €150, but it will make up for it as soon as you use it.

Know your technology. Clothes go through a whole system of appliances before they make it to the wardrobe, so it’s important you know the tricks of the trade. If you’re drying your clothes in the tumble dryer, then take them out when they’re slightly damp and steam-iron them straight away. When using the iron, make sure it’s on the correct setting for the garment at hand. Different materials require different heat!

Use starch. For those hard-to-iron items, such as formal shirts, I suggest using starch to stiffen them. This will make life SO much easier. Also, remember to move freshly-ironed surfaces away from you so as to avoid creasing them with the weight of your body. No, I didn’t just call you fat.



Tricks of the trade. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from those who have been at it for years. For example, did you know that a layer of kitchen foil between the ironing board and its protective cover could act as a second iron? This is because it stores heat and then emits it to the bottom part of the garment.

So, yes, life is already hard enough as it is and ironing doesn’t make it easier. But I’ve tried and tested all of the above and trust me, they work! But if you have any other tips and tricks, please do let me know.


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