Date of Birth: 25th August, 1978

Where do you live? Pieta

Status: Married to a Belgian/Lebanese wife and two children (Jad and Eva)

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: Head of Human Resources for a business jet aviation company

Media-related occupation: Actor

JEAN PAUL XUEREB studied Psychology and Theatre Studies at the University of Malta and also had the opportunity to study for two semesters in the state of Minnesota in the US. This gave him the chance to put into practise his acting skills in the various theatre productions organised by the college.

“I have been involved in theatre productions and television commercials. I have also presented an International fashion show which gave me the opportunity to interview renowned fashion designers. My debut on television came thanks to V-squared in the television series Il-Klikka, where my role, Samuel, grew considerably from Season One to Season Three. Currently, The Klikka Movie is being shown in local cinemas.”

How did you first discover that you had a talent for acting?

I have always had a flair for entertainment, and I have pictures of me singing as a child… or let’s say trying to sing! I soon realised that it was not really my forte! My first ever theatre production was at the age of seven, when I interpreted the role of Marcellino, in the production Marcellino Pane e Vino. I was proud to be involved in the same production with my brother who interpreted one of the friars, and it was a success in our hometown of St Venera. Since then, my love for theatre has grown from strength to strength and I have always grabbed any acting opportunity.

Is there anything on your bucket list that has yet to be accomplished either in your personal life or career?

I have always been fascinated with news broadcasters and that is something that I would love to try one day. On a personal level, I would really like to go on a hot air balloon.

Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you would like to share?

There are many, but one particular anecdote is when an actress, Valentina Rossi, and myself both showed up on set unprepared, totally by mistake. Basically, we had both studied the wrong scenes, so of course we did not know any of our actual lines. That’s when we both panicked as we had very limited time to get prepared. After many attempts, and with the help of today’s editing, the scene is one of my favourite to date, but behind the scenes, it was a disaster! Also, one time, I had to passionately kiss someone’s neck and ear, but somehow I ended up tearing off her earring … quite funny I must say!

How would you define your style?

I am in smart attire almost every day, especially when I go to work. Outside of work, I am mostly in smart casual attire – I must say that every now and then, I like to choose a different look.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go so far? 

A diamond ring from Dubai. A few weeks later I proposed and she said YES!!