I once read somewhere that common sense is a lot like deodorant – those who need it the most use it the least. Oh, how very sad, extremely unfortunate, and true this statement is. Allow me to elaborate with more concrete, real life examples.

Many of us who have Facebook are well aware of the multitude of local and foreign pages where people can voice their opinions, ask for pearls of wisdom, or perhaps simply share daily anecdotes. However, some people’s IQ begs to question whether they’re just being purposely daft or to put it bluntly, are actually as dumb as a rock! More worryingly, these very people actually have offspring! A recent case in point was a worried mother who decided to seek advice on Facebook to see what she can do to nurse her very sick son back to health. Needless to say, the majority of this post resulted in rather negative reactions from group members stating obvious suggestions such as ‘you should ask a doctor, not post on Facebook!”, “take him to hospital or the nearest polyclinic!” etc etc. Of course, there were those who took it upon themselves to play medical expert and give their virtual diagnosis, which was just as foolish, in my humble opinion.

What irks me the most is that if you truly are a concerned mother, just do what any alarmed parent with enough common sense – a degree from Oxford is not a prerequisite, I’ve checked – and call your GP. Don’t flaunt your ineptitude, especially on a social media forum. It’s become somewhat of a habit for people to ask silly questions on these blessed pages, rather than asking people who are, I don’t know, perhaps actually qualified or knowledgeable?



I honestly cannot decide what’s worse – dealing with a person whose common sense is on par with Kanye West’s talent (or lack thereof), or with those who don’t know what the concept of general cleanliness is. Granted, common sense is certainly a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden. We’ve established that. But another flower that is quite scarce in people’s back yard is that of common courtesy. And I’m not referring to the Ps and Qs our parents teach us from a very young age. I’m talking about basic hygiene. There is no excuse, and I mean no excuse, for people to stink. I’m not referring to someone who’s just finished a work out and smells of fresh sweat. That is all well and good, so long as they hit the shower as soon as possible. I’m referring to the individuals who choose to reuse a T-shirt that is infested with week-old, accumulated sweat. Or even worse, people who have a farm animal stench that shocks your sense of smell to the extent of repulsion. The kind you get a whiff of when passing by them on the street, or shopping at your local supermarket and realise, “No, that’s not spoilt food or a dog turd I’ve just smelt…”

I never knew such people existed, but apparently, to my dismay and disgust, they do.

I understand that harsh times due to the economic recession in Europe has made millions hit a rough financial patch. However, general cleanliness is a must, and I believe that if not for the others around you, you should keep yourself clean and fresh for yourself. Let’s face it, hygiene is something that shouldn’t be looked at as a commodity, but a rudimentary necessity. I swear, I think even cheap air freshener would do in such desperate times! Ultimately, much like common sense, cleanliness can be looked at as a flower that should flourish in one’s garden, otherwise, if you opt for the week-old smelly rags, chances are you are more likely to kill most flora and people you pass by.


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