Unfortunately, with great heat comes even greater sweat, which is not conducive to matte and flawless make up. So, here are a few tips on how to sweat-proof your make up in summer!

Make sure you use a moisturiser at the start of the day. However, ensure that it is not very thick in consistency – a serum is a very good choice. Less is more!

Remember, the more make up you put on, the more you’re going to sweat off. Always use a light, sheer coverage foundation with a lightweight texture for summer.

Primer is crucial for hot weather. It helps your foundation stick to your face. It acts like a transparent double-sided tape – it works in the same manner. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids, especially oily ones, because without it, you’ll end up getting creases through your eye shadow, or if it’s hot and oily enough, your eye shadow will probably make a disappearing act altogether.

Waterproof eye make up is a must in this heat. Opt for a good waterproof eye liner and mascara to make sure you don’t end up with smudges half way through the day, and only witnessing your panda eyes when you go home after a long day’s work. If your eyes are sensitive to waterproof mascara, opt for a weatherproof mascara, which is a bit more friendly on the eyes.



Setting your make up with translucent mineral powder helps it set and settle on your skin, making it less likely to run down your face. It helps to absorb oil and smooths your skin to a flawless finish, which is always a plus!

Moisten your brushes! Wetting your brushes in some water and then dipping them in eye shadow will help the product dry to a glaze form and will also become more long lasting.

With these tips, you’re guaranteed longer lasting make up throughout the day or evening.  Don’t forget to stay safe in the sun by wearing a high SPF. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your summer!