Hello Eve Readers!

Apart from the August scopes, which will be up shortly, giving you an indication of the month ahead, mention must be made of the full moon which will be gracing our skies on the 31st July. This will be the second full moon for the month of July, making it a blue moon. This phenomenon is specific to solar calendars, in that you have an extra full moon in a calendar month. The term itself describes a rare event, hence the expression ‘once in a blue moon’.

Astrologically speaking, the full moon occurs at eight degrees of Aquarius, so wherever Aquarius is in your chart, different areas of activity will be highlighted. Remember that a full moon highlights activities that are a result of the seeds sowed two weeks before the new moon. Read on to find out what you should expect to find happening in your chart.


You can be sure that whatever patterns were laid down two weeks ago concerning the home front will now bear fruit on the social scene.



Your efforts with applications and running around getting paperwork done will lead you to being appreciated by your colleagues and superiors at work.



Simply put, you had begun taking care of your resources, including money, and you will now end up pursuing what it is that inspires you.



Two weeks ago you concentrated on what it meant to be you. This Full Moon highlights what it means to be in an intimate relationship with your significant other, and this means sharing your resources too.



After two weeks of lying low and recharging your batteries, please pay attention to those nearest and dearest. The one you love needs some special tenderness and care.



You have been partying way too much! It’s time that you focus on your daily routine and stick to your schedules.



The past two weeks have been busy on the professional front. Now is the time for you to ease up some time to get creative and enjoy yourself.



You have been busy looking for inspiration which has been your guiding light over the past two weeks, and you now find yourself putting that into practice in how you get on with others in the hearth and home.



After two weeks of laying down patterns to do with intimacy and empowerment, this Blue Moon will highlight your need to get your plans into action.



You should feel that the time to take action over how you view money and resources is now. Don’t overspend!



This Blue Moon is in your sign! Do remember to balance time spent on pampering yourselves with time spent with your loved ones.



You have been busy getting creative projects off the ground. This Blue Moon will highlight the need for you to take time out and review any changes which need making in the upcoming two weeks.