Today, so many people have the desire to travel. It seems to be engrained in our culture. Where I’m from in Australia, you’re the odd one out if you don’t. It’s usually centred around the wish for something more, something better, or the longing for freedom. If it wasn’t, why would we ever want to leave?

Upon travelling, the truth that a lot of us face is that we’re always going to have to return to reality. I’ve been living in Malta for over a year now. I guess you could say I’m no longer travelling, but I’m still doing the same things I did when I first arrived here on holiday. I believe that I’ve adopted a perspective which allows me to live life as a traveller, searching for something more every day.



I urge you to adopt this mindset. What is preventing you from making this your life? Why do you have to go back to your old life? Why do you have to suffer through the mundane for 6 weeks of leave every year? And in that time, will you be any closer to finding happiness? Take yesterday – I rose at 6am, had a coffee and a banana, wrote 3 things I’m grateful for, ran an outdoor workout for myself and my friends and got paid for it. I then went for a swim in Spinola Bay, laid in the sunshine, had another coffee, ate some eggs, checked my inbox, had a nap and then began writing this article. I’m free.

I often get questioned by people who fear change.

“But what are you going to do afterwards?” they ask me.

I tell them, “What do you mean afterwards? I may move somewhere else, but I’ll still do exactly what I’m doing now – whatever I choose to do!”

I’ve worked hard to create this freedom in my life. I’m going to live it as long as possible and pass it on to as many people I can.

I believe the whole point of travelling is to gain something. To experience something new. To learn and find what you love. Or, it could be a period for you to grow. If we accomplish this, but then fall back into the same life we previously led, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of travelling in the first place?



The greatest consequences in life often come from inaction. Instead of thinking about the consequences of not travelling, not searching for something more, we are rather fixated on the consequences of actually doing so, of searching for something more and of changing. These are often fleeting and can be overcome. It’s much harder to overcome the consequences of inaction, which is ultimately regret. You don’t want to look back on your life in 20 years time and consider the notion of “Am I in any better position than I was 20 years ago?” This is my biggest fear in life. It’s what pushes me to work hard to continue living this life I lead.

In travelling, we are going into the unknown. We don’t know what opportunities will present themselves. If I was close-minded and had a preconception of what the future held for me, I wouldn’t be here, writing this article, sharing what I’ve learnt.

So take it from me. Travel the world, find what you love and make living your dream life your reality. I’m not there yet, but
I am well on my way and I know I’m never going back to my old life. If I can, why can’t you?