Forget ‘the 411’ and ‘x’buzz’. These are the five hottest terms on the block. Well, at least, for now.

Every generation comes with the promise that our language has not yet been raped and pillaged enough. New words sprout out of young people’s minds and mouths like diarrhea; and some of them turn into virulent diseases.

So, here’s the latest serving of the funkiest (yup, this one’s out), coolest (sort of out) terms which are currently making the rounds.

YAAAASS! – I always get suspicious when my 14-year-old son answers ‘yes’ to more than one question in a row. More than that, he has recently taken up this habit of answering, commenting or exclaiming using the same elongated syllable throughout. According to Urban Dictionary – the Bible for such terms – this is a Glaswegian term ‘used to make others aware of extreme satisfaction.’ And, apparently, it’s true, as the video below will show you how satisfied one Lady Gaga fan was when he saw her in person time and time and time again…


<insert subject> is everything! – In the olden days – any time before 2014 – when something meant the world to you, you’d use the expression ‘that’s my everything.’ For example, ‘my son is my everything!’ or ‘my mum’s my everything!’ Now, we’ve got rid of the pronoun and just made everything… everything. So now, we’d say ‘the new Rihanna video is everything!’, ‘that burger is everything!’ etc. Needless to say, my loathing for this phrase is everything.

ILLIPSTICK! – So I had just picked my son up from school when this woman on her mobile phone almost crashed into us. The first thing my son says? ‘Illipstick, how close that was!’ Suspiciously, I asked him to repeat what he had just said. Apparently, his friend Becca told him it was the new way of saying ‘Il-li*a’ without getting grounded or having holy water thrown at you.

Throw Shade – Back in my day, people used to throw things at each other, you know, to hurt them. Now, you can throw shade by outing them in public for being the degenerates that they are. Boyfriend’s cheated on you? Throw shade at him by letting Facebook know. Been to a burger joint who served their burgers pink? Throw shade at them too. But be careful. Throwing shade at someone might come back to bite you in the ass, like when you realise that burgers are actually meant to be pink in the middle!



Basic Bitch! – Remember the good old phrase ‘go with the flow’? Yeah, well, if you follow the masses nowadays, you’re a basic bitch with no style, thoughts or motives of your own. It’s the same thing if you get on someone’s wrong side or if a person wants to throw shade at you. Oh, and by the way, men can be basic bitches too.

Also, just in case you’re wondering why the word ‘OBSESSED’ didn’t make it into the top five, it’s because you’re apparently so last year. In 2014, people were obsessed with everything. Taylor Swift’s new album. Valentino’s Milan Show. Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball. Rihanna’s new hairstyle. But, alas, people are no longer OBSESSED (yes, it’s got to be capitalised, duh) with the phrase ‘OBSESSED’ – and it’s good to keep in mind that the ones above will also meet an untimely demise.

Meanwhile, please find the phrases and words listed above used in a fictitious conversation between myself and three members of Generation Y.

Person 1: Illipstick, did she just say she wants our phrases to die?

Me: Yes, you basic bitch, I just went there!

Person 2: Watch out, everyone! Evelyn’s throwin’ shade.

Person 3: YAAASS! Evelyn is everything!

Me: Duh, like… Duh.


Do you know any other phrases that are currently making the rounds?

Let us know!