Anthony Tomaselli at the IOMTV 2015

The long-awaited day finally arrived. The musical event of the year in the Maltese calendar took place on Tuesday 7th July, at the Granaries, Floriana.

Isle of MTV happened, and it happened big time.

A huge crowd filled the square in front of the church of St Publius which was, as in previous editions, lit up and transformed for the occasion. Teenagers, grandmothers and children all gathered at the most anticipated concert of the year to kick off summer 2015.

This year’s line up was very succulent! Among the hottest, we had Martin Garrix, who is one of the world’s most fashionable DJs and also one of the nicest. Behind the angelic face and blonde hair lies a party animal! We also had Jason Derulo, who, with millions of singles sold and loads of views on Youtube, is one of the most successful artists of the moment. And finally, we had Echosmith, Tori Kelly and OMI who warmed up the atmosphere.

This year, I left behind the VIP area and went down to enjoy the concert from among the varied crowd to get a better taste of the diverse vibe. After an incandescent day, I caught the bus and arrived in Floriana. After having passed the first barrier of police who checked me from head to toe as if I had ‘I am ISIS’ written on my forehead, I faced an even harder barrier – the wall of sweaty teenagers who have not yet discovered the benefits of a deodorant spray!



Guys I understand the heat, the emotion and the dance, but the atomic bomb underarm, I definitely do not! I then started having a few drinks, relaxing and letting myself go with the wave of enthusiasm. Jeson Derulo gave an amazing performance – he dances, sings and has the body of a sculpted Apollo. Martin Garrix’s excellent performances make him one of the current best DJs in the world. The best thing about the whole evening was seeing the wave of people integrating so well with music. It was a unison that overlooked differences in religion, race, language, sexual orientation or politics. The music was a universal language, as love is, classifying it as a language we all communicate in. Perhaps nowadays, we should give greater importance to the art of music, rather than focusing so much on social brutalization and the egoism of selfies and social networks.

I must say that I preferred last year’s concert. I believe that the energy of Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger or the thump thump thump of Hardwell had provided the elements that seem to have been missing this year. Nevertheless, the experience of Isle of MTV is always something unique. It makes me go back to when I was a sweet 16 (not long ago, mind you!) and for a few hours, Malta transformed into the magical summer island of music, lights and fun.