Date of Birth: 9th April, 1986

Where do you live? Kappara, San Gwann

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: Architect & Civil Engineer

Media-related occupation: Actress – TV Series

TIZIANA TEDESCO TRICCAS has been on the scene of performing arts since the age of 11. She started with classical voice training in the children’s choir, Cantores Sancti Juliani under the tutorship of Mro. Lino Attard. She has performed as a chorister and soloist in several concerts and competitions, both locally and overseas.

She has been studying jazz dance at the College of Dance for the past nine years, performing in several local productions including Michael Jackson Forever (2011). Tiziana has also had training and experience in the fields of opera and musical theatre, with troupes such as the Malta Opera Company and the De La Salle Drama Group.

Il-Klikka was her first acting experience on television. “I was approached by a member of the crew to play the role of Daniela, initially as a minor supporting role. My very first scene happened to be quite a tough one, probably one of the most challenging and intense to date, involving very strong emotions and expressions.”

Following the editing and airing of the episode, V Squared directors Rachel Cachia and Martina Zammit expressed their interest in my potential and offered me a main role. This was eventually developed in the subsequent episodes and later, another two seasons and a movie. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity,” explained Tiziana.



How would you imagine an older version of yourself to be like?

Mmm, I’m not quite sure about the answer to this question. I see it as quite an open-ended question, to be honest. I could be settled raising a family, running my own private practice, or travelling around the world or anything else – no expectations, no limitations!

What role does technology play in your life?

I don’t consider myself a tech geek, I get along with the basics pretty much. Having said that, technology goes part and parcel with my profession, architectural and 3D modelling software are my daily companions.

What do you like doing while on holiday abroad?

Ah yes, that reminds me – I love travelling! I love doing random things most of all, roaming through streets and alleys, going into odd shops and flea markets, having a snack at a local bar and mingling with local people. I also love observing the locals in their everyday routines, and of course, architecture. I sketch in pen whatever catches my attention and more often than not, I snap quick photos of spaces or details and then enjoy re-touching them over a cup of tea.

Any other curiosities about yourself?

I love tea, I’m a tea addict! Any time is tea-break-time and there’s nothing like a well-deserved cup of tea at the end of a long day.

Oh, and I’m an animal lover too of course. I never miss a chance to rescue a stray animal, the fluffier the better. My three cats are the survivors of a litter of five newborn kitties who had been abandoned. Once I had rescued them, I had to bottle-feed them until they became strong enough to feed on their own.

Speaking of pets – at the moment my ‘pet’ project is the renovation of my apartment in Floriana – a lovely 100 year old apartment in the area known as Balzunetta. The concept revolves around a fusion of traditional and contemporary features with a touch of industrial aesthetic, through a fresh layout and custom-designed furniture and fittings. I’m in love with the harbour area – so much to see, so much to do and such a strong sense of place. I can’t wait to move in and enjoy the sunset over the harbour from my living room window, over a warm cup of tea, of course.