With so many articles out there tackling all the nasty and bad things we do, I thought it was high time someone wrote an article about all the lovely things we’re actually responsible of doing.

Oh yes, Maltese people do a lot of stupid things. All nationalities do. But I believe it’s the lovely things we do that set us apart from others.


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‘Such as?’ I hear you say. Sit down, skeptics, and listen.


We don’t give directions… we see visitors to their destination. – When I first moved back to Malta from Bologna, I got lost in Siġġiewi. Roaming aimlessly through the narrow, winding lanes, I met an old man. Desperate, I asked for directions. Not only did he point me in the right direction, but he grabbed my cuff and walked me to my destination. Speaking to some of my expat friends, they all recount similar tales, sometimes even with people who couldn’t speak English. We are THAT nice. Remember that!



We give our dinner guests very, very, very generous portions. – We are definitely not stingy when it comes to portions. Imqarrun il-forn? Sure, here’s the whole dish. Fancy a mince pie? Here’s half a dozen – freshly baked, of course! We love seeing others eat our food, and it kills us when they don’t have second helpings or don’t finish what’s on their plate. We don’t do it to just to impress either, we genuinely love feeding others. It’s one of the few Catholic traits we’ve taken up.



We’re very patriotic… most of the time. – We hate our country. Mention a beautiful bay, and someone is bound to tell you how crowded it gets. Mention pastizzi, and someone will most definitely tell you that there’s 500 calories in each diamond-shaped pastry case. But when a foreigner even dares to mention the pothole he encountered that morning, our defense-mode goes into overload! ‘We are the most strategically-placed country in the Mediterranean, enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year. We are also home to the oldest temples in the world, our capital city Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we have a heart of gold – how dare you diss us, moron!’ We’re awesome!



We’re big dreamers… and achievers. – You know, considering we are a tiny population living on a tiny island with one university, uber-limited natural resources and very little opportunities, we sure know how to dream big – and achieve what we set out to get. We have amazing scientists, doctors, musicians, artists, directors and actors. Just consider Simshar – and how proud we all felt when the Oscar rumours started circulating.



We’re house proud. – ‘My home is my temple and I will scrub, sweep, paint, update, clean, modify it in any way possible. I will put my best things out on display and I won’t let people sit on my velvet-covered cushions without a layer of plastic in between their filthy clothes and the luxurious material.’ It’s hilarious, but what’s wrong with that? We know our home is our family’s nest and we will take care of it and protect it in whatever way we can. Although, that plastic really has to go.



I think we give ourselves too much grief. Yes, our political scene is maddening and our roads have potholes – thank you to whoever decided to point that out!  Yes, I’m being ironic, but we are also incredibly wonderful people with a genuine desire to be good at everything we do. And that is fabulous.


But, pray tell, what else do we do that’s just lovely? Let us know in the comments section below!


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