As I celebrate my first full year as a single gal in over 30 years, I decided to take a trip through some of history’s most influential marriages. Please note, Ex Husband Number One, we didn’t make the cut.

Most of us think of marriage as a union of equals, but it’s also an incredibly politically efficient and profitable tool. And while that shouldn’t be its point, you can’t argue against the fact that the five following marriages have affected the world we live in.

Beyonce & Jay Z – According to celebritynetworth.com, Bey and Jay are worth an estimated $1billion together. As two of the highest-earning singers in the world, with millions of followers and fans, they’re also incredibly influential, both in the music industry and also as style icons, trend setters and cultural beacons. Many tabloids say the marriage was a business transaction, mostly because Jay Z is 12 years older than Beyonce, and because of the fact that, let’s face it, you’d expect her to go for someone better looking. Either way, it’s a marriage that has placed them in an eternal spotlight.


Image, Beyonce & Jay Z


Marie & Pierre Curie – This husband and wife scientist-duo changed the face of medicine and science… together. Without this marriage, we wouldn’t know the true impact of radioactivity, have X-Rays, how to kill micro-organisms, how to sterilise things, or have nuclear reactors. To put it simply, without this couple, we’d all probably be in caves picking our noses and staring at the wall.


Image, Marie & Pierre Curie


John & Jackie Kennedy – He was the most powerful man in the world. She came from one of the richest families in the world. Together, they conquered the world through style, politics and tragedy. Their story is well-known, but their impact is often overlooked. Always remember, people, that these two brought the White House into the modern era, and created an allure and mystique that still engulfs the public and private lives of the President and his First Lady.


Image, John & Jackie Kennedy


Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn – Has a man ever gone this far to marry his sweetheart, before or since? Henry VIII, who was the King of England, abolished the monasteries, broke from the Papacy, looted churches, changed the country’s religion, divorced a Spanish princess, martyred hundreds of Catholics and almost declared war against Europe. Admittedly, he went on to behead the wife he had fought so hard to marry. Their union, however, spawned one of the world’s best-known monarchs – Elizabeth I.


Image, Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn


Adam & Eve – Yes, I know they’re fictional characters. And, no, I haven’t become an ardent Catholic. But let’s be honest, what other man and wife changed the face of the earth more than these two? By quoting Eve’s infamous act, men have changed laws, cultures, politics and marriages throughout the last 2000 years. Because of this, we now have feminism, equality laws and a million and one other things that affect everything we do till this very day!


Image, Adam & Eve


So, yes, marriage should not be about convenience or wealth or power play, but when it is, it can make incredible things happen.

Do you agree with Evelyn’s choice? Who else should she have mentioned?

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